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Recovering friend sends message to be careful

Mt. Olivet News Thank you, dear readers, for missing me last week. Because I am staying home so much, I hardly get the news unless ... Read more

4 hours ago by Donna Traywick.

No reason Panola Co. can’t be No. 1

By Ricky Swindle Muffler Shop Musings Howdy, friends! I know everyone is preparing for their very own Fourth of July celebration. I am getting ready ... Read more

6 days ago by WordPress.com VIP.

Book about 1918 pandemic has current parallels

By John Howell, Sr. Publisher Emeritus I’ve been reading (actually listening to an audiobook from the library) John M. Barry’s book on the 1918 flu ... Read more

6 days ago by WordPress.com VIP.

Magazines sorted and ready for the Blue Goose

Today’s Special I’ve spent the entire morning (since my first cup of coffee) looking at magazines and catalogs. Not for pleasure, but because my magazine ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Peggy Walker, R.D..

Hymns and other songs help brighten our lives

Mt. Olivet News While working in my mini-garden, that no one would call a garden but me, I thought of the late John Denver’s song ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Donna Traywick.

Peaceful march shows answer to hate is love

By Nancy Spencer Guest Columnist Sunday, the 9th of June, was a beautiful sunny day. We heard the sound of the marchers across the way ... Read more

2 weeks ago by WordPress.com VIP.

Organizing requires motivation and concentration on goal

By Iris Holloway Tips by Iris   Last article we covered “Living or Working with a Disorganized Person”. Who were you thinking of when you ... Read more

3 weeks ago by WordPress.com VIP.

Don’t overlook the neglected children around us

Eureka Columnist The yelling and sound of things breaking make her tremble. She squeezes her eyes closed and prays that it stops – soon. She ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Pam Bock.

TViFiber fast as greased lightning

Muffler Shop Musings Howdy friends! Wel, here it is mid-June with summer on the way. Our Mississippi weather will be turning up the heat before ... Read more

3 weeks ago by WordPress.com VIP.

Irish Troubles, American injustices have parallels

By Jim Burns Guest Columnist “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, ... Read more

3 weeks ago by WordPress.com VIP.

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