Letter to the Editor

Published 1:00 pm Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Letter to the Editor
Supervisors suppress Black voters with change
Dear Editor,
I wished we had trusted and respectful Supervisors in Panola County
Today, I had to appear before the Panola County Supervisors concerning promises made dealing with Panola Lane Precinct and was
disrespected by all supervisors with the exception of Fred Butts, Supervisor for District 1.
Earl Burdette, supervisor for District 2 called and asked me to write a letter to the Board of Supervisors to move Patton Lane Precinct
to the Fire Station on Van Voris Street because of a leak in the Patton Lane roof. He stated that he wanted to put a marker on Patton
Lane Street to show how many years the Patton Lane Community Center had served as a precinct. I asked him if it would be returned to
Patton Lane after all repairs have been made. His answer was No. Which meant it would be a permanent move. I pleaded with him not
to move it but he assured me that it would be moved. I totally disagreed with him and contacted the Patton Lane Board of Directors.
Today, Earl Burdett and others said it was just for the November election. That’s not sure. Hopefully they will return it.
Patton Lane Board of Directors and I met with the Panola County Superiors on May 13, 2024, Moderator of Sardis District Association
Dr. Zannie Leland which oversees thirty-two Baptist (32) churches in Panola County asked for and was given a grace period until August
1, 2024, to get the building repaired or we could find another place in the community. Cole Flint stated that he was totally against
moving the Patton Lane Precinct to the Fire Station and stated all the negative reasons why.
On June 3,2024, Supervisors met and Earl Burdett made a motion and it was seconded by Chad Weaver and John Thomas to move
Patton Lane. Never in my fifty-four 54 years as serving on the Democratic Executive Committee have I known three supervisors to vote
against the Chairman of the board. (something isn’t right about this.) The Board of Patton Lane was not notified about the promise had
been changed.
Lew registration cards were sent out to all of Panola Lane Precinct to let them know that they would vote at the Fire Station on Van
Voris. After getting calls from several voter of that precinct, as Democratic Chairperson, I had to get involved because I dealt with
The Mississippi Voter’s Protection said that I had to try and resolve this issue in Panola County before the Regional Voter’s Protection in
Washington before they would investigate it as voter suppression. Since Panola Lane has mostly Black voters, most of them will not go
to the Fire Station in Van Voris Street to vote. This is suppressing the voter’s vote. This has happened at the Courtland precinct which
has a large number of Black Voters. The Precinct was moved to a White Baptist Church when there were three Black churches that
could have been selected. Some voters have refused to go inside the church to vote. This is suppressing the vote.
I regretted going before the board because I have been disrespected so many times. My supervisor, Earl Burdett, assured me that I
would always be allowed to speak and no one would disrespect me. Today, I had an anxiety attack when he joined in with Chad Weaver
and John Thomas. My attack became worse after Cole Flint said that I didn’t matter. Profanity was used showing no respect for me or
Dr. Leland. I was unable to get out of the courtroom to my car without assistance. I was so embarrassed because I had several former
fifth grade students present. One of them and a sheriff deputy helped me to my car. I missed my doctor’s appointment in Oxford
because I was unable to drive for hours.
I viewed the past supervisors pictures on the wall that I have worked with down through the years. I was never treated with disrespect.
The County Administrator refused to put me on the agenda. Cole Flint admitted that he was informed not to include me. Past
Supervisors never denied me the opportunity to speak. I didn’t always get the answers I wanted but they were always respectable.
Thanks to Fred Butts for his support today.
Thanks to Pastor Ella Benson Ford of Deliverance Tabernacle Pentecostal Church, Bishop Calvin C. Wiley of City Refuge and Pastor
Sammy Parker of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church for agreeing to serve as a Precinct for Patton Lane.
We need new supervisors for District 2, District 3 and District 4 for the new term. Anyone that are interested, please contact me so we
can begin working.

Lourine Robinson, Chairman
Panola County Democratic Party

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