Climate controlled storage needed for documents per state Archive Dept.

By Jeremy Weldon

The Panola County Board of Supervisors voted Monday to use two buildings the county owns on Hwy. 35 South for storage of files and other paperwork that has accumulated from offices of the Chancery and Circuit clerks.

The buildings currently house the Panola County Task Force, but that department doesn’t need all the space at the location. The supervisors designated a 2,400 square foot building to begin storing files and documents the county must keep in a climate controlled space, along with voting machines and various other office equipment.

Additionally, the board voted to use a 792 square foot building at the site for storage of materials the District Attorney’s office generates, but that must be kept by the county.

Supervisors also agreed to consider purchasing a large-file scanner with the capability of electronically storing much of the paperwork currently in physical form only.

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History recently told Panola County officials that some of its documents were not being properly stored because they are not kept in climate controlled rooms and are subjected to extreme temperatures and high humidity.

The county has used all the available space for storage in its current buildings, and has been renting several units at mini-storage businesses in Batesville.

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  1. John Morris on June 13, 2018 at 11:33 am

    C’mon, folks, i.e. the local leaders! This should have been done decades ago.
    Panola leaders need to be “ever searching” for improvements. If not, then the leaders are truly not leaders.

    While we’re talking about leaders having a vision…

    This may be a state-level issue, but Panola County leaders can beat the drum for change… Having to trek to the license department multiple times during the year in order to renew their tags on their vehicles is ridiculous. Change that process! Let Jack or Jill renew ALL OF HER/HIS TAGS in a single visit each year.

    Why can’t this process be changed?
    The better question is, “Why has this process never been abandoned for a better process?”

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