Large raccoon sighting topped by gift of globe

Published 8:35 am Thursday, June 20, 2024

Mt. Olivet News

I saw the most unusual sight last week. I use the Security Bank on HWY 6 (beside TVEPA). It was rather late, almost dark, as I was driving up to the automatic teller, I saw what looked like dog food at the very end of the parking lot, with bushes behind. 

At second glance, I saw the biggest raccoon that I have ever seen. I sat there in awe and watched him for a long time. He took his front feet, picked up a handful of feed and very slowly ate the dog food. After a long time, I went on around to the teller. I thought about getting a picture. I circled the bank and came back to the parking lot. He was gone but left some of his feed. 

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I’m sure bank employees know about him, or they would not have been putting food out there. I want them to know what joy that brought. I hope there are cameras in the bank parking lot.

I had asked in last Wednesday’s newspaper if anyone had an extra globe. I wanted to teach my children in the children’s church the song “He’s got the whole world in his hands” as we twirled the globe around. On Thursday there was a knock at my door. There stood Dwayne Ales with a big globe in his arms. 

I was delighted for two reasons: one, he read my column, and two, he brought me a globe. I had the nicest visit with him and daddy, Lonnie Ales. Lonnie grew up in the same neighborhood with George. They could walk just over the hill to each other’s house.

George was one year older than Lonnie. Lonnie still had that sharp mind even over ninety years old. He told me so many interesting stories of the days when they were growing up. He remembered when they built the pond where Shady Grove baptized their converts. That pond is where LaDonna and Greg’s house overlooks.    

Jeff Palmertree, my nephew, brought me a huge lunch and dessert. Cindy cooks a large Sunday dinner for them and all the family. I drove over later to get him to put on my car tag. I stop in the middle of his drive and admire his garden, no matter the season- It is always without weeds or grass.

When I looked to the left, I saw a large herd of Black Angus cattle, grazing on dark green grass. Looking at country things gives me the warmest feeling. It reminds me of when we had Black Angus cattle on Traywick Hill.

At church Sunday, Larry Browning gave me some papers and artifacts he found in his mother’s belongings. Miss Elizabeth lived to be 99 and these papers dated back to the early 1900s. A receipt dated 1916 was from Panola County Sheriff’s Office for 1916 taxes. The total was $6.40.

Farmers will find a booklet of all kinds of John Deere mule drawn equipment interesting. 

Larry found a $100 bill that appears to be Confederate money. 

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