Encourage one another, no matter the trial

Published 10:41 am Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Encourage one another, no matter the trial
By Mary Murphy
New Enon Community
Today many of us thought we would not be here to elaborate another beautiful Mother’s Day, but
the Lord saw fit for many of us to smile with the bright lights of our family.
I was not blessed to have mine in person, but the love was there, with the bells and whistles. I
share a grandchild named Logan, who gives me so much joy when I see him and his family,
they bless my day.
The cancer I live with, and the medicine given to me reminds me of the suffering the women in
my family came through, to get to this awesome time. Many of those women did not survive.
Like my mother (Earnia Lois) but what she and others went through, enough of us into a society
that works hard to eradicate this dreaded disease.
I’ve begun to research my mother’s side so far all of my first cousins have had some form of
cancer. Having male children does not keep them from having this disease. My goddaughter
(Angela) has gone through the mill, but the Lord continues to bless her family.
We must continue to encourage one another, no matter what and where life takes us. In our
AARP magazine we are encouraged to eat more vegetables and fresh fruits, exercise by getting
Enjoy the brightness of a new day. You can have many mammograms as often as they say, but
you are the best detective of your own body. Do not be afraid to touch yourself because what
you might find. It could be just fatty tissue.
Enjoy the brightness of your life.

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