Highs and lows part of Mothers’ life

Published 11:23 am Wednesday, May 15, 2024

By Mary Murphy
New Enon Community
Sunday was a day we will never see again. With all of its beauty. Oh, what a day it was.
Many families came together giving and receiving love. The thunders roar loudly, like
that of a bull horn. Waking those who are asleep.
The highs and lows of a Mother’s life. Eve was in paradise with her husband naked and
unashamed, enjoying everything around her with both her husband and the creator. But
then she listens to the serpent, but with all she knew from God she ate from the
forbidden tree of good and evil, sending her life and mate’s into a spiral of regret,
heartache, and hard work. No longer was she free from stress.
The world is still a chaotic place, full of heartache and uncertainty. Life feels like a roller
coaster, with the highs and lows coming faster than our hearts can bear. Most moms
can’t control their circumstances, but then control much of their environment.
Today, take steps to fill your mind and heart with God’s truth. The time is a hand when
the days are singing, and the joy is present in your soul. We lift up holy hands to you
Lord, for your gift is far above rubies.
Searching in the midnight of what you cannot see. Filling the depth of evil that
surrounds the sounds that play tricks in your spirit. Our atmosphere can make a
difference in our life if you decide to make that change. Try to watch your highs and

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