Pesky passwords and lost phones

Published 2:59 pm Wednesday, May 8, 2024

By Jan Penton Miller
“Now where did I put my little green book?”
In my hurry to go on to the next thing I often forget to put a new password in my little green
book. Everything is easily accessible on the cloud, right? Well…it depends on what easy really
When my phone came up missing I didn’t have any idea what an ordeal it would be to regain
access to all my information stored on the cloud without my password, which was of course
stored in my phone and not in my little green book.
“You know, dear, it would be so easy if you had just kept a copy of your Apple password in your
book. Then we could retrieve everything from the cloud without all the trouble.”
Why is it when something is true we really don’t want to hear it? Those pesky passwords have
always been a problem for me. It seems that every year more and more are added to the list.
When we got to the Apple Store it took 3 days to finally retrieve my account.
My son pays for a service that saves all his passwords. It works well for him, but I don’t want to
pay for anything that I don’t have to. I suppose it would have been way less expensive than a
new phone that maybe could have been retrieved if I had been able to turn on Find My Phone.
I definitely have the app on my new phone although somehow it feels a little invasive. It seems
so odd to think that we can have a location device that knows the whereabouts of our phone do
down to the exact address. Times have definitely changed as technology continues to advance.
When I think about it there are many things that I enjoy about all the technology. It is great to be
able to speak to more than one person at one time, and FaceTime is definitely a wonderful way
to share life with our loved ones in different areas.
I’ve always been a step or two behind getting into the new greatest technological advance, but I
guess I’m learning that it’s more important than I thought.
Now several hundred dollars later I can always find my phone, but I still don’t like all those
pesky passwords.

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