Curious names from Buck Snort to Hog Eye

Published 10:02 am Wednesday, May 8, 2024

By Donna Traywick
Mt. Olivet News
I enjoy reading different translations of the Bible. When I go to Goodwill and other thrift stores, I
look for Bibles.
Recently I found a Bible still in the gift box with a young man’s name engraved. I immediately
prayed for the young man wherever he might be. I have enjoyed it though. It has the one
column in the New Testament Version (which seems to be a popular version). On the other
column is The Message by Eugene Peterson. I had not heard of the version before. I am not
particularly fond of that version.
I grew up too long on the King James Version. Some think The Message sounds like an excuse
for dumbing down scripture to match our culture’s downward trend. While researching Psalms
139 in different translations, the New Revised standard of Psalms verse four, really woke me
I hope it does you, too.
“Even before a word is on my tongue, O Lord, you know it completely.” I hope I am more careful
about what comes out of my mouth.
I had the most pleasant visit with Maxine Ledbetter White. She was here visiting her sister-in-
law Mary Evelyn Ledbetter. She grew up in the Enon Community and she and her family moved
to Wynne, AR, early in her marriage to J.C. White.
She just celebrated her 95th birthday and is more vibrant and alert than most 50 year old’s.
Her book is full of pictures of her childhood and she has recalled every event with detail. They
had singing school back in her day. They celebrated “all day singing and dinner on the ground”
Life revolved around Enon Baptist Church. Each year there was a two-week revival, and a two-
week singing school for local teenagers. The book has a picture of Enon Singing School. It
looked close to one hundred young people attending. Maxine sang in a quartet and something
playing the organ.
When the cotton harvest was over, they were allowed to work for their cousins Clanis Ledbetter.
She saved up $25 to buy an upright piano. She learned to play the piano for the singing
schools. Enon Baptist had Bible school in the summer.

Maxine was Woman of the year at Wynne, AR in 1961. She was the proud mother of Penny,
Michael and Marion. She was also distinguished citizen of the year, and grand Marshall of the
Christmas parade in 2014.
When asked what are the most important things in life, she promptly said; God, family and
community. She is planning to leave several books at the library here in Batesville.
While reading the book “As southern as it gets, 1,071 reasons to never leave the south’’, I came
across a list of interesting southern towns they are: Possum Trot, KY; Toad Suck, AR; Gum
Neck, NC; Frost Proof, FL; Monkeys Eyebrow, KY; Buck Snort, TN; Two Egg, FL; SoSo, MS;
Lick Skillet, TN; Hot Coffee, MS; Bug Scuffle, TN; Difficult, TN; Hog Eye, AR; Loafers Glory, NC
and Whynot, MS.
That makes being from Batesville really proud of our name. Ponder this: Read Psalms 139
every day, especially verse four, and see how your day goes.
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