Batesville Fire Dept. Call Log

Published 11:53 am Wednesday, May 8, 2024

April 30
Hwy. 51S, Skyline Motel, 30 year old female has a toothache.
Hwy. 6W, Donald’s Donuts, 19 year old female may pass out.
Gracie Cove, 66 year old male with difficulty breathing.
Jackson St., lift assist, caller advises she is not injured.
Van Voris St., 63 year old male is light headed.
Wal Mart parking lot, caller said female is lying in grass, appears to have been recently released
from the hospital, BPD is en route.
Hwy. 51S, county requesting assistance with vehicle fire, structures and other vehicles are at
Arizona St., 58 year old female with medical emergency.
May 1
MLK Dr., 29 year old female is constipated and is in pain.
London Cove, 93 year old male needs lift assist.
Draper St., 2 year old is stuck in a toy.
Hwy. 6E, vehicle fire.
Bates St., caller advises she is locked out of her house.
Hwy. 6E, Captain D’s, fire in the kitchen.
Leonard St., 21 year old male with a broken hand, Lifeguard has been toned.
May 2
Eureka St., 80 year old female hurting all over.
Williams St., 62 year old female with a possible seizure.
Jackson St., female has fallen and needs lift assist, subject is not injured.
May 3

Jackson St., female subject said she fell and hit her head.
Hwy. 6E, America’s Best Value, 64 year old male subject, possible overdose.
Bates St., 80 year old female can’t move without falling.
Broad St., residential fire alarm, negative contact with homeowners.
Wal Mart, female patient complaining of chest pain, Lifeguard also toned.
Eureka Rd., one vehicle accident with rollover, utility pole is blocking roadway.
May 4
Jackson St., female subject needs lift assist, is not injured.
Shagbark Dr., 84 year old female is weak.
Hwy. 6E, Wendy’s, 19 year female possibly in labor.
Lakewood Dr., Hampton Inn, 58 year old male needs help.
May 5
Hunter’s Parkway, 77 year old female weak, having chest pains.
Covenant Crossing, Home2Suites, male subject has fallen and hit his head in the parking lot.
Jackson St., female requesting ambulance.
Hwy. 6 & I-55, vehicle accident, unsure of number of vehicles, injuries are reported.
May 6
Old Lake Cove, 72 year old female has fallen, EMS is en route.
Harmon Rd., 23 year old male has lost consciousness.
Hwy. 6E, Captain D’s, general fire.
Perkins Lane, 18 year old female has neck pain.
Gordon Dr., 32 year old male is unconscious.

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