Hard to see old friends, kin pass on

Published 5:12 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2024

By Donna Traywick
Mt. Olivet News
It has been a trying time for me and my family these past few months. First, we lost my best
friend of 86 years, Martha Jo Childs Hall, and two weeks later we lost my best friend since I was
10 years old, Veedy Franklin.
Two weeks ago, I lost my nephew, Harold Eugene Baker. I was only eight years older than him
and he was closer in age to me than my own brothers. When he was growing up, he spent more
time at his grandmother Jessie’s house than he did at his home in sledge.
He was a member of the Hotophia Wildcat baseball team and came over every Sunday after
church for a game. They were coached by J.B. Anderson and my brother Eugene Palmertree.
Harold was named after Eugene and my other brother, Ellis Harold Palmertree.
They were both in WWII combat when he was born, so they named him after the two to honor
them. Ellis was a prisoner in a Germany war camp at the time. Harold himself saw heavy
combat in Vietnam.
He had a masters degree from Ole Miss in chemistry, and worked as an environment chemist,
until retirement. Upon retirement he moved back to grandmother Jessies home place in Panola
His main hobby was keeping an immaculate yard here and in Sledge where his sister lives. He
was most proud of his azaleas that LaDonna and I gave him eight years ago when he first
moved back to the Palmertree Place.
I could always call him for answers to so many questions. I will miss our twice weekly breakfast
where we were relaxed and not rushing anywhere.
The Matthew Twenty Five Ministry is in need of bug spray that they give to the homeless people
in Memphis. According to Cliff Olsen a group of concerned people met about nine years ago
and wanted to help feed the homeless and poor and less fortunate.
They named their ministry “Matthew Twenty Five Ministry” after the Bible verse of the same.
The ministry is based on Matthew twenty five verses 42-46. It stated “ For I was hungry and you
gave me no food. I was thirsty and you gave me no drink… in as much as you did not do unto
them you also did to me.”
They go every Tuesday night to Memphis. They go from Cleveland Avenue up to Popular to the
river then down Beale street. They are known as the pizza group because they take enough
food for around 150 people.

Cliff puts out a newsletter about their adventure on each Tuesday night. It is seen on Matthew
25 Facebook. He told me that not all of the people are homeless. Many are down on their luck
because of many different reasons. They know that they can get food on Tuesday night.
They are funded strictly from donations. They will pass out the bug spray soon as mosquitos will
soon be more of a problem.
Bro. Ricky Reese from Charleston is taking Bro. Charles’ place as our new pastor. Bro. Charles
and Amanda have moved to Inverness to a church there.
We welcome Bro. Ricky to Mt. Olivet Community.
Contact Donna @ donnatraywickmusic@gmail.com

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