City Clerk retiring after 30 year career

Published 5:50 pm Tuesday, February 20, 2024

City Clerk Susan Berryhill has informed the Batesville Mayor and Board of Aldermen that she will officially retire in June with more than 30 years of service in City Hall.

Berryhill began her public service career in the city’s Utilities Department in the days when meters were read by employees who recorded the numbers with pencil and paper, then handed their books off to clerks who would key the readings by hand.

“There wasn’t much computerized in City Hall back then,” Berryhill remembers. “We didn’t have online payments, of course, and so much of our work was writing and recording everything.”

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Berryhill said she will miss the many friends she has made over the years across the counter, but is also ready for retire her calculator and immense set of city board minutes, budget worksheets, quotes, invoices, and similar paperwork.

“I’m looking forward to gardening and just being outside when I want,” she said. “Flowers, vegetables, whatever, I’m going to keep busy in my yard.”

City Clerks are responsible for a plethora of duties, and oversee the paperwork associated with bid proposals, invoices, personnel, payroll, and more. Aldermen are expected to name her replacement soon, likely Deputy City Clerk Shonna Weaver, who has transitioned into the role under Berryhill in the last two years.

Berryhill said she expects the City of Batesville to continue growth, and can foresee the need for expansion of City Hall and the Clerk’s office in the future.

“I think business is wide open for Batesville and we have a lot of good things happening and being planned, but with that comes growing pains,” she said. “The clerks we have now stay busy and we can’t add many more tasks to what they are already doing.”