Drive them around while you can

Published 11:42 am Thursday, February 15, 2024

By Ricky Swindle
Muffler Shop Musings

Howdy, friends!
I reached another milestone in my life Friday because my oldest
GrandHeathen Son reached a milestone in his life. He got his
drivers permit.
Time has definitely marched on the past few years and it does not
seem right. Too fast.
I enjoy picking him up from football practice and whatever else he
needs me for, but I know my time is limited now. Just like his
sister, he will be canvasing the county in his old pick-up truck as
she does in her little Mustang.
All she’s needed me for lately was to get her to an eye
appointment back when the snow was on the roads.
Big Daddy’s outgrow their usefulness as the years go by. It will be
the same scenario in a short year from now when that boy is fully
licensed to drive.
He’s got a cool old pick-up truck to drive though. My brother gave
him the last truck our Daddy bought and the boy has already
driven it a few places under the careful guidance of his parents.
He will worry them daily about driving now that he is halfway legal
to do so.

That’s the way it goes. I’ve doted on all my GrandHeathens since
the day they were born, and now a pair of them don’t need me as
They’re growing up right before my eyes and it’s indeed a unique
feeling to be proud of that, but I’m also missing the pleasure of
being needed. Even if it’s only for a ride after school.
Their parents have it rougher than me because when both of
those kids are driving they won’t be spending as much time at
home with them. Maybe they’ll drive over to see me.
I enjoyed picking those kids up after school when I had the
opportunity. It was always fun to hear about their day.
As Marty Stuart sang “Time Don’t Wait on Nobody”, it ain’t waiting
on me and my GrandHeathens either.
Take care of yourself folks and enjoy the days you drive your kids
and Grands around.

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