Time is out for keeping secrets

Published 1:44 pm Wednesday, February 7, 2024

By Mary Murphy
Enon Community
Yesterday has come and gone, but today we learn more about our black American soldiers who
were kept secret in WWI because of the color of their skin. They were so important in the war,
they were called “Hell Fighters” by the Germans. The soldiers were so important they fought for
The old saying goes, if you want to hide something, put it in a book, but instead the world wide
web has opened our eyes to all who seek to hide or destroy. If we had known the true history
of America, this country would truly be free. It is so important that our children are not
deceived the way our ancestors were.
Hate comes from not knowing who you are, even in your immediate family. Time is out for
keeping secrets of long ago. They serve no purpose except to tell our children, you don’t need
to know. “oh, but we do.”
The substance by which the world was created came from God. If there is such a thing as
evolution, or a Big Bang theory, it is because God created Adam, the matter, the substance
from which all things exist. If there was a bang, God was behind it.
Black history helps us understand that our ancestors embraced this very principle of faith
(Hebrews 11). Many were brought to America with nothing. But God took nothing and made us
into what we are today.

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