Buckle down Board, solve the animal shelter problem

Published 4:41 pm Tuesday, October 10, 2023

It’s election year, and the animal shelter is back on the table. We know there will be many stumbling blocks, but I’ve never known Batesville and Panola not to let a good project down. Keep digging, board. 

My little squirrels are coming back. I have been so worried all through the summer that they might not come back. I must have some pecans this year, because I saw one little fella hopping across the yard with something in his mouth. So, I got the bright idea to put some feed out for them.

I Googled to find out what  they liked. I knew they like robbing the bird feeders. So, I bought a big bag of bird seed. I saw where they liked peanut butter. I bought two of the largest jars of peanut butter that I have ever seen.

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 I put the bird seed in several boxes under the pecan trees. I looked every day to see if they had eaten any. I saw one little fella hopping all around the box, scratching in the grass. I took the boxes up and decided to try my peanut butter.

Googling again, one source said that squirrels love peanuts and peanut butter. Another source said, it was bad for squirrels. So, I guess I’ll put the jars in the blessing box at church. It’s gonna make somebody a lotta peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I worried about my squirrels not having water during this drought. Google said it was ok but use small bowls so as not to drown baby squirrels. One wild life expert said, “Don’t give squirrels food they like, give them food they need”. 

They need to gnaw to keep their teeth sharp. There feed, pecans, walnuts, grapes, apple, carrots and other fruits and vegetables. My nephew reminded me that my little squirrels are busy bury food for winter.

When do they remember where they buried their food? Experts tell me that they have a keen sense of smell.

So does my nephew’s little beagle. He is always burying things and going back and digging up later. Once when coyotes were howling close by, he dug up all his bones and put them in a pile on the back deck. 

We can only guess he thought they might find them. That is only a few of the actions that Pokey does. My nephew acquired Pokey when he was about six weeks old. Someone had put him on the back deck of his house, near death with mange. He could not have walked up the steps, he was so weak. He thought the humane thing to do was take him to the vet and have him put to sleep.

His sister had him bathe the little puppy with happy jack’s mange medicine twice a day. Today he is king of Palmertree hills. Deer, racoons, possums, and even squirrels do not dare come into his territory. He is busy all the time, especially on a full moon. He has had some pretty good little “tie ups”.

His specialty is snakes. Deer Creek runs through the Palmertree place, and the creek bottom can produce some huge ones. Water moccasin and big cotton mouth nearly five long have been found and conquered by him. (Some say that the water moccasin and cottonmouth are the same, but I beg to differ with them.) He has found copperheads but as far as I know no rattlesnakes. He has been bitten twice. Once by a very poisonous one.

It’s hard to believe that this little hairless, boil and sore covered puppy could be the most beautiful dog that he is today. He looks at my nephew with such worshiping eyes, and he is bringing so much joy to all of us.

A message to the person that abandoned the sick little puppy. Thank you!

There are animals all over Panola county that don’t find good homes. There are three pitiful dogs roaming my neighbor now. They are not as lucky as this little fella. Candidates when you get elected, will you let the animal shelter be your first agenda. There is grant money or something out there. Buckle down and find it. 


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