High school teaches can’t smile until Thanksgiving

Published 9:30 am Friday, August 11, 2023

By Kay Wolfe

News from the North

The primary election is over, and we will see if there’s a runoff.  Exciting times.  I love to work the elections since I didn’t get to work them while I was teaching school.  

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The Election Commissioners work extremely hard and should get a gold star for their endeavors.  My motto is that if you don’t vote, don’t complain.  

I got to play Scrabble last week with some really fun people.  Earnestine Bridgeforth is so funny, and I always enjoy her.   Who do you think had to keep score? Me with my terrible handwriting and the least experiences. They play the last Wednesday of every month in Como and also in Senatobia on another day. 

The  Sardis Rook Club meets on Friday nights at 6.  I’m sure that they would love for you to come.  I play and would love for 3 people to contact me. 

Schools have started back. Oh, do I remember this.  It’s really tough.  If you taught high school, you couldn’t smile until after Thanksgiving break.  By that time, they have figured out that they can trust you, have confidence that you will not betray a secret, and that you really love them.  

Please understand that thugs come in all shapes, sizes, races and ethnicities. I do believe that some had horns growing out of their forehead. That’s when you can really teach them.  

I absolutely loved teaching at North Panola High School and South Panola High School.  Speaking of North Panola High School, I talked with Mr. Charles McClelland again a few weeks ago.  He and Billy Smith were by far the best principals that I ever had.  They were totally different, but in the important things they were very much alike.  

I didn’t make it to the board meeting. I was getting Rick’s Dodge Nitro titled in Clinton.  I had all kinds of documentation that Sardis and Batesville courthouses told me to get.  Of course there was one document that I didn’t have.  Spent the night at a Holiday Inn Express in Clinton for a little mini vacation.  So much fun!

Rick’s Dodge Nitro is for sale.  It’s extremely powerful and a very good car. There are a couple of issues but easily fixable. I will have a flier out at various places around town.  

Gotta run.  Meeting one of my children in Senatobia in a bit.  Pick up your trash.  It’s gross.  Take care of your pets or don’t have any.   The Earth and God’s creatures are his creations.  Go to the church of your choice Sunday.

Live like there’s no tomorrow; Laugh Large; Love Much!