Republican Party poll managers for Aug. 8 primary

Published 11:01 am Wednesday, July 26, 2023


The Panola County Election Commission has made Poll Manager assignments for the Aug. 8 Party Primaries. The 21 precincts in the county will be worked by the managers with each place having at least one Receiving and Returning designee.

The Republican Party managers will be:

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District 1 Precincts:

Como:  Glendora Dugger R/R, Ernestine Bridgforth, Rebecca Floyd, and Betty Moffett

Union Fire: Leighton Shearer R/R, and Lynn Simmerman

Sardis Courthouse: Stacy Street R/R, Precious Birge, and Jalissa Salter-Gardne

Sardis Lake Fire: Annie P Smith R/R, Darlene Keeler, and Derrick Conner

District 2 Precincts:

Sardis Library: Dolly Morgan R/R, Hal Johnson, and Catherine Cole

Pleasant Grove Fire: Mattie Sandridge R/R, Kay Wolfe, and Beverly Pope

Longtown Fire: Suzan Land R/R, Frances Parks, and Kaniya White

Crenshaw Fire: Jimmy Dawkins R/R, and Rosemary Dawkins

Macedonia Concord: Tammie Thornton R/R, Eddie Henderson, and Shirley Kuykendol

District 3 Precincts:

Pope Hosanna: Debbie Shearer R/R, Jeff Shearer*, Courtney Selvy, and Brenda Norris

Cliff Finch:  Calvin Land R/R, Sandra Barnett, Diane Nadolni

Courtland Baptist: Martha Pittman R/R, Kat Seay, Byron Tedford*, and Majorie Luttrell

Tocowa: Betty Hudson R/R, Diana Cook, and Janis Crawley

Crowder Water: Debbie Doucet R/R, and William Doucet

District 4 Precincts

Panola Ext Bldg: Steve Boyd R/R, Yvonne Taylor, Birdia Cooper, and Mary Roden

Eureka: Billy Smith R/R, Johnnie Lou, and Calvin Smith

Black Jack: Nancy and Kevin Freeman, Janet Ware, Larry Browning, Lonnie Ales, and Morris Wagner

Mt Olivet Fire: Debbie Tidwell R/R, Pamela Crowder, Ronnie Smith

District 5 Precincts

Batesville Courthouse: Becky Meacham R/R, Pat Hardy, Wade Davis, and Nell Baker

Patton Lane: Mary Hudson R/R, James R Hudson, and Tommy Toney

Enon Water: Lisa Webster R/R, and Sarah Trout

Resolution Board: Pam George, Mattie Fenner, and Selena Cook