87 absentee ballots sent, data shows

Published 6:11 am Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Panola County’s election officials have received and accepted 46 out of 87 mail-in ballots sent to voters across various precincts. 

Notably, none of the returned ballots were rejected. The absence of rejections showcases the county’s commitment to ensuring all votes are properly accounted for in the democratic process.

In a precinct-by-precinct breakdown, the Pope Hosanna Church precinct (312) saw the highest number of returned and accepted ballots with eight. On the other hand, the Batesville Courthouse precinct (524) received back two out of the 13 ballots sent.

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All ballots sent to precincts such as Courtland Baptist Church (314), Patton Lane Community Center (526), Mt Olivet Fire Dept. (421), and several others were returned and accepted.

Some precincts like the Sardis Library (206), which had 13 ballots sent, saw only seven returned and accepted. Precinct 101 – Como Library had just one of its nine ballots returned and accepted. 

A discrepancy was observed in the Macedonia Concord Community Center precinct (212), where three ballots were requested, but only two were sent.

Among the ballots yet to be returned, the Batesville Courthouse precinct (524) and Como Library precinct (101) account for 19 of the total 42 outstanding ballots.

 The absentee ballot data was released by the Secretary of State’s office Monday for all 82 counties in the state.