Time change is like cutting the end off a blanket

Published 4:50 am Wednesday, March 15, 2023

By Ricky Swindle

Muffler Shop Musings


Howdy, friends!

Did you set your clocks forward over the weekend? Spring forward and fall back. It supposed to end this year I heard. No more messing with the time.

I noticed the other day that we don’t have a wall clock in our home. The wife says we don’t need it because  our phones, computers and the stove all have clocks. We have digital alarm  clocks in the bedrooms. So no wall clock for us.

She spent an hour Sunday morning re-programming all the digital devices in our home. Even our AC thermostat works by a clock.

I remember back in the day the old folks were always a day late setting their clocks forward and back again. They’d show up for church an hour early in the Fall and think the rapture had taken place and left them behind because no one was in the parking lot.

Same way come Spring. They would all come walking in an hour late for Sunday School with that same shell shocked look on their faces. By the Sunday evening service their clocks would be back set with the rest of the USA.

Are y’all old enough to remember there used to be a number to call to get the correct time? Also, folks would call the movie theater for the proper time.

Radio disc jockeys would tell you the time every 15 minutes. “It’s now a quarter past the hour on WKRP” or something to that effect.

The TV stations would comment “It’s 10 o’clock. Do you know where you’re children are”, then play the Star Spangled Banner at midnight and go off air.

Now I have too many TV stations to count and they never go off plus they could care less about your kids.

Time marches on, passes, goes by, stands still, is money, don’t wait, ticks away, is wasted, races, is borrowed and bought, stands and flies among others.

As far as the Daylight Saving Time goes, an old Native American proverb says that  “The White man is the only human that will cut the end off a blanket and sew it to the top, then swear that the blanket is longer.”  Seems true to me.

Take care of yourself folks and count your blessings for the time you’ve had and hopefully for the time coming.