How to worry in a scientific way

Published 8:34 am Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Mt. Olivet News

Congratulations to Miss Taylor Russell for being part of the Homecoming as a freshman maid. She is the daughter of David and Alisa Russell and is a fourth generation member of Black Jack Presbyterian Church.

We are happy to report that Rev. Don Howie is home from the hospital and making progress.

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Carol Putman of Shady Grove is visiting her sister in Brandon this week.Her sister is moving into an assisted living facility. All of the facilities I have visited are very nice, but it is still a big adjustment to make that move and being able to stay in touch with everyone like before.

Shady Grove Baptist Church is participating with other Mississippi Baptists in “21 Days of Praying for America” Oct. 19 through Nov. 8, which is Election Day.

Debbie and Phil Tidwell gave me the most beautiful cheese board/plaque that he designed and made, of course. It can have many uses, but right now I’m enjoying running my fingers over the smooth walnut finish.

You can see the heart of the tree then below it the name Traywick is embossed in the center with a design of red in the area of the heart sets off the meticulous work. I’m glad they have Tidwell Sawmill embossed on the back. I carry it around and show everybody. Many thanks to the Tidwells.

Many months before my sister passed away she gave me an article to read  on “How to Worry Scientifically” by J.R. Grant. From that we learn that (1) we never worry over rumors of what “they” say. First get the facts. (2) Know definitely what you are worrying about. Write it down.

(3) Worry about one problem at a time.

(4) Set a day, afternoon, or night to worry.

(5) Never worry in bed, in the dining room, living room, or in church.

(6) Set a time limit to worry.

(7) Never worry with a frowning face. Smile or sing while you worry.

(8) Never worry when you are tired, sick, or depressed.

(9) Never worry when you are shopping, playing, or gossiping.

(10) Never worry about situtations you can help nor the ones that you cannot.

(11) Never worry alone.

Read Matthew 6:24-34 and then Luke 12:22-34.

The Matthew verses end with “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Every day has enough trouble of its own.: How true.

My sister wanted me to make copies of the article so she could pass it on to all her friends. I did not get around to it, so I hope her Sledge friends and others will read it here and take this wise advice.

Don’t worry and stay in touch. Call or text 901-828-8824 any time with news or questions.