Girl beaten in street proves there is no love in some

Published 2:01 am Wednesday, December 22, 2021

By Mary Murphy

New Enon Community

How often does the menace raise his or her ugly head? I saw something that truly hurt my heart along with others in the mist.

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This unseemly rude situation took place on Everette Street as two cars full of young people jumped out of the cars and began to beat upon a young girl who lives across the street from the church. 

Four or five girl bullies who should have been in the boxing ring with an alligator were involved. We soon called for the authorities to arrive. The attitude of these young people seems to care less whether you were there or not. The generation of babies raising babies who have no love of Christ. 

To this Black Lives Matter, take a look before you pull the trigger. If lives really matter, why are you destroying your generations and the innocent people who reach out to give you a helping hand?

When you find out where the weapons are coming from, you find the coward who is hiding behind others. So many are searching for love in the wrong places, it’s always in plain sight. Touch my heart Lord so we may see the beauty you have given. As you walk through the shadow of death you fear no evil because the presence of the Lord lives within you.

Cast not the stone that is thrown through the air, many are deceived by the ugliness of life but yet we press through the pitfalls of plague that never seems to end. I believe that my joy came from serving others throughout the year. 

Psalm 91 will keep us in his presence. Every day is a day of joy that is spent with family and friends. I saw a bright and shining star when I looked in the eyes of a child with all the questions round and about. Never knowing which way to turn with a smile that turns you inside out.

Remember the birth of Christ when you look into that child’s eye. May the blessing of the Lord be with you and yours.