South Panola bus routes for new school year

Published 7:25 pm Monday, August 2, 2021

From the South Panola School District website: All 21-22 Bus Routes are listed below or click here to open a file in a new window to see the routes.

For bus riders, we ask for parents and students to be patient during the first days of school as the drivers and students become accustomed to the route and its stops. As the school year progresses, our bus drivers will be on a more defined schedule picking up students and dropping them off during the morning and afternoon.

If your child rides a bus in the morning, please be sure your child is waiting at the road to be picked up by an SPSD bus to be transported to school.

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21-22 Bus Routes 

Bus 091 – Panola Apartments, Westridge Apartments, Country Village Apartments, Eureka Street, Hadorn Road, Leonard Street, Dewberry Daycare, Martin Luther King Street,William Street, Vaughn Street, Ceder Crest Street, Bradford Street, Gordon Street, Tubbs Road, Vance Street, Martinez Street, Miller Street, Broadway Street (SPECIAL NEEDS BUS)

Bus 092 – McNeely Road, Baker Road, Woodruff Road, Todd Road, Cotton Plant Road, Trantham Road, Katherine Trail, Ford Road, Lawrence Brother Road, Holmes Road (SPECIAL NEEDS BUS)

Bus 111 – Shewood Drive, Greenbrair Circle, Front Street (Pope), Benson Road, Court Street (Courtland), Courtney Village (Courtland), Morrow Road, Greg Taylor Road, Audrey Road, Old Hwy 51 South Eureka Road, Randall Road, Herron Street, Nelson Spur Road, Beatty Road (SPECIAL NEEDS BUS)

 Bus 1418 – Eureka Road, Cliff Finch Road, Love Joy Road, Plum Point Road, Carlisle Road, Victory Road, Upton Road, Flowers Road, (SPECIAL NEEDS BUS)

Bus 170 – Asa Road, Dummyline Road, New Bethlehem Road, Butler Road, Sarah Dickerson Road, Scott Road, UNA Road, Braisher Road, Chapletown Road, Love Road, Dunsen Ave., Fudge Town Road, Crowder (SPECIAL NEEDS BUS)

 Bus 181 – George Thomas Road, Macedonia Road, Seven Road, Gin Road, Curtis Locke Station Road, Shell Road, Hwy 6 West, Tony Keating Road, Lemaster Road, Henry Harris Road, Curtis Road, Jaudon Road, Wilson Road, Hartzell Road, Sherwood Forrest Subdivision, Tocowa Road (SPECIAL NEEDS BUS)

 Bus 210 – Hwy 315 South, Robinson Road, May Road, Mt. Olivet Road, Hwy 6 East, Shady Grove Road, Blackjack Road, Dees Road, Tramel Road, Mallard Point, Terza Road, Riverview Road, Sardis Lake Drive (SPECIAL NEEDS BUS)

Bus 9810 – (Hoskin’s Daycare, Sky Line Motel, Willa Street – 4th -12th grades ONLY P.M. Only) Boys and Girls Club (BJH, BMS, HS)

 Bus 31 – Macedonia Road (North of Curtis Rd.), Curtis Road, Curtis Locke Station Road, Hwy 6 West, Barn Acres, Ferrell Road

 Bus 34 – Green Road, Hentz Road, Chapel Hill Road, Pope Water Valley Road, Anthony Road, Leslie Road, Mimosa Street, Locust (POPE ROUTE)

Bus 35 – Yocona Gin, Hwy 35, Jeff Sanders Road, Murphree Road, Hartzell Road, Avery Road, Cottage Trail., Oakwood Acres, Ranchette Acres Road, Sullivant Road, Herron Road, Benson Road, Pope Crowder Road, Pear Street, (POPE ROUTE)

 Bus 36 – Sarah Dickerson Road, Fondren Road, Coon Butler Road, Braisher Road, Bethlehem Road,

 Bus 37 – Boys and Girls Club (BES,BIS), Hays Street by Panola Mills, North Park Apartments, Westridge Apartments, Tubbs Road, Pearson Street, Vance Street( Hoskin’s Daycare, Sky Line Motel, Willa Street,k -3rd  grades ONLY – P.M. Only)

Bus 038 – Eureka Road (Trantham to Sherwood), Mt. Olivet Road, Cotton Plant Road (Trantham to Mt. Olivet, Food Road, Sherwood Road, Tranthan Road

 Bus 039 – M.Flowers Road, Curtis Road, Lamar Thomas Road, Tony Keating Road, Will Stewart Road, McCain Road, All of Panola Avenue, Tom Cooper Road

Bus 040 – Lester Street Apartments, Panola Apartments, Rollings Drive

Bus 041 – Cole Trailer Park, Timber Ridge Apartments, Tubbs Road

 Bus 042 – Field Street, Arizona Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Pecan Street, Leonard Street, Holly Cove, Skyview Apartments, Lawson Street, Patton Lane

 Bus 043 – McNeely Road, Hentz Road, Hwy 51 South, Eureka Road (McNeely to HWY 51)

Bus 044 – Shamrock Apartments, Lakewood Apartments, All of Keating Grove, Magnolia Circle, Oakleigh Drive, Shadow Lane

 Bus 045 – Hwy 35 South, Avery Road, Whitten Road, Chapel Town Road, Tocowa Road, Taylor Road, Benson Road, Main Street (POPE ROUTE)

 Bus 046 – Bethlehem Road, Butler Road, Brewer Road, Bethlehem Cove

 Bus 051 – Dogwood Heights, Dogwood Lane, East Street (East of HWY 51), Elm Road, Harmon Circle, Hemlock Road, Hickory Lane, Hope Lane, Hoskins Daycare (AM only) Pollard Steet (PM Only), Skyline Hotel (AM Only) Willa Street (AM Only), Woodland Road, Dell Street, Magnolia Daycare, Trianon Street, U Can Do IT Daycare, Vick Street, Westmoreland Circle (PM 037 and 9810), Bruce Street (PM Only)

Bus 070 – Cedar Heights, Cove Road, Ridgecrest Road, Cedar Drive, Shady Lane, West Dale Road, Deer Foot Road, Midvalley Road, Enid View Road, Whipoorville Road, Enid Dam Road, Scoggins Road, Hwy 51, Vassar Road, (POPE ROUTE)

 Bus 071 – Old HWY 51, Main Street Courtland RR, Fire Department, Wells Street, Morrow Road, Courtney Village, Herron Sub., Wooddruff Street, Dogwood Street (POPE ROUTE)

 Bus 093 – Patton Lane, Claude Street, Williams Street, Everett Street, Field Street, Hadorn Road, Stewart Manor Apartments

Bus 094 – Hoskins Road, Normandy Street, Cedar Crest Circle, Autumn Street, Pollard Street, Pettit Street, Calvary Street, Tubbs Road, Roper Road, Leland Drive (Off Tubbs Road), Bruce Street (AM only)

 Bus 095 – Hwy 51 (North), River Road, Barnacre Road, Lemaster Road, Callie Norwood Road, Ballentine Road, Shannan Road

Bus 101 – Armstrong Street, Jackson Street, Wood Street, Wood Street Extension, Brookey Street, Della Street, Dewberry Daycare, Martinez Street, Patterson Street, Patton Lane, Warner Street

Bus 102 – Deaton Street, King Street, Van Voris Street, Noble Street, Draper Street, Hays Street, Garson Street

 Bus 103 – Shiloh Road, Sanford Road, Audrey Road, Hardy Road, Alred Road, Compress Road

 Bus 104 – Pope Water Valley Road, Plum Point Road, Lloyd Road, Chapel Hill Road, Nelson Spur Road, Pope Crowder Road, Gleaton Road, Magnolia Street, Pine Street, Flowers Road, Connie Drive (POPE ROUTE)

Bus 105 – Pope Water Valley Road, Bolton Road, Shaw Road, Chickasaw Road, Thornton Drive, Upton Road, Snider Road, Liberty Hill Road, Bell Road, Anthony Road, Hubbard Road, Mimosa Street, Locust Street (POPE ROUTE)

Bus 140 – Hwy 6 West, Gin Road, Seven Road (Shell to Curtis Locke Station), All of Shell Road, Milam Road, Bronner Road, Henry­ Harris Road, Landers Road, Kiddie Korner Daycare (Highway 6)

 Bus 141 – Lawson Drive, Barnacre Road, Wilson Road, Tony Keating Road, Old Panola Road, Red Hill Trailer Park

 Bus 142 – Harmon Road, Elbert Smith Road, Mill Cross Road, John Branch Road (Central Academy to Terza), Adcock Road, Meadow Drive, Terza Road Store

Bus 143 – Riverview Road, Henry Heffner Road, UNA Drive (West end), Danny Lane, Kays Road, Eagle Rest Road, Pegues Circle, Terza Road, Womble Road, Hwy 35 North, Dina Lane, Debbie Drive, Connie Lane, Phil Lane, Charles Lane, Calvin Lane, Belmont Road

 Bus 144 – Henderson Road, Baker Road, Good Hope Road, Rutherford Road, McMinn Road, Quincy Road, Chapman Road, Dee’s Road (Henderson to HWY 315), Holmes Road, Coleburn Road, Campground Road

 Bus 145 – Seven Road (Macedonia to Nash Road), Nash Road, Curtis Road, James Road, J.D. McKenny Road, Rayborn Road

Bus 146 – Figgs Rd, Hwy 322 to Crowder, Toliver Road, Tinside Road, Cannon Road, Dunsen Road, Atkinson Road, Grant Road, Big Tree Road, Nash Road (Waldrup to Curtis), Humphrey Road

 Bus 147 – Meadowview Apartments, Country Village Apartments, Curtis Road to  Panola County/Quitman County Line, Macedonia Road, George Thomas Lane

 Bus 148 – Bell Road, Fowler Road, Eureka Road (McNeely to Liberty Hill), Liberty Hill Road, Cosby Road, Hubbard Road, Moss Lane, Mossey Oak, Freddrick Cove, Hwy 51 from Shiloh to Batesville, HWY 51 South, Ivy Gordon Drive, Victory Road

Bus 149 –  Mallard Point Road, Blackjack Road, 4-H Club Road, Springport Road (Central Academy to Black Jack), Dettor Road, Ales Road, Still Road, Mason Road, Cold Springs Road, Hwy 35 North, Patterson Lane/Mallard Pointe

Bus 1410 – Wells Extended, Jones, Main Street (Courtland), Herron Street, Woodruff Street, Pope Crowder Road, Teasdale Road, Parker Road, Gleaton Road, Otto Sanford Road, Fox Run Road, Sunset Drive,  (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY)

Bus 1411 –  Shiloh Road, Hawkins Road, Morrow Road, Travis Road, Ruby Road, Greg Taylor Road, Carlisle Road

Bus 1412 – Osborn Street, Randall Road, Henry Drive, Old Hwy 35 South, Johnson Road, Walls Road, Musgrove Road

 Bus 1413 – Marie Grocery Store by the Fire Department, 4th Street (Crowder), 5th Street (Crowder), Hwy 322 East, Quitman Avenue

 Bus 1414 – Ellis Road, Henderson Road (Woodruff to Baker), Dees Road (Mount Olivet to Henderson), Hunt Road, Hendrix Road, Central Academy Road (South of Hwy 6), Debowen Wilson Road, Lawrence Brother Road, Morris Lane

 Bus 1415 – Hwy 6 East, Shady Grove Road, Perkins Road, Murphrey Ridge Road (Hwy 315 to Goodhope), File Road, Sardis Lake Drive (Upper Lake), Robinson Lane, Beaver Dam Cove, Silver Fox Drive, Quail Run Drive,  Windover  Drive,  Northwood Drive, Big Buck Trail, Black Gum Road, Spring Creek Road, Roberson Lane

 Bus 1416 – Hentz Road, Pope-Water Valley Road, Plum Point Road, Snider Road, Flowers Road, Chapelhill Road, Green Road, Enid Dam Road, Pine Street Road, Chickasaw Road, Lloyd Road, Anthony Road, Bell Road, Riggens Road, Thornton Road, Hubbard Road, Leslie Road, Blue Jay Way Road, Whippoorwill Road, Mid Valley Boulevard, Cedar Heights Drive, Oakdale Drive, Lake Breeze Drive, Ridgecrest Drive, Enid Shore Road (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY)

Bus 1417 – West Pope Water Valley Road, Cliff Finch Road, Love Joy Road, Ragan Road, Eureka Road (Liberty Hill to East), Phelps Road, Westbrook Road, Crouch Road, Haire Road, Pittman Road, Baker Road (Woodruff to Goodhope), Shuford Road

Bus 160 – Pope Crowder Road, Hwy 35 (South End), Tocowa Road, Teasdale Road, Hartzell Road, Pettit Road, Murphree Road South, Cole Road, Sunset Drive, Beaty Road, Brown Road, (POPE ROUTE)

Bus 161 – Shiloh Road (HWY 51 to Eureka), Woodruff Road (Between Eureka and Cotton Plant),  Heafner Road, Ford Road, Jones Road, Jones Extended, Baird Road, Dawn Cove, Pine Lodge Road, Cathy Matthews Daycare

Bus 162 – Hwy 315 South, Robinson East Road , Byers Road, Orwood Road, John Branch Road (Central Academy to Hwy 315), Barnett Road

Bus 163 – Otto Sanford Road, Greenbrair Circle, Barker Road

 Bus 182 – Central Academy Road (North of HWY 6), Spring Port Road, Fudgetown Road, E.Q. Gleaton Road, Rudd Road, Hudson Road

Bus 190 – (South) Henderson Road (Mount Olivet to Woodruff), Mount Olivet Road, Woodruff Road, Cotton Plant Road (Trantham to Woodruff), Hunters Parkway, Chunn Road, Racheal Lane, Katherine Trail, Fox Meadow, Todd Road, V-Ranza Road

 Bus 191 – Deer Creek Road, Wiley Road, Shady Groove Road (Joiner to Perkins), Tramel Road, Joiner Road, Bibs Road, Tidwell Road, Hwy 315 South, May Road, Mount Olivet Road (Fox Meadow to Chunn Sub), Good Hope Road (Mount Olivet to HWY 6)

Bus 192 – Cole Point, Sardis Lake Drive (Lower Lake), Mimosa Road, North Pine Lake Drive, Chrestman Cove, Larry Lane, W.W. Scott Road, Laffety Road, Wild Wood Subdivision, Wicks Road, Outlaw Hill Road, Pine Lake Drive

Bus 193 – Hwy 35, Sullivant Road, Tocowa Road, Chapletown Road, Jeff Sanders Road, Summer Drive, Taylor Road, Aubery Williams Road, Benson Road, Main Street Pope, Hwy 51 North of Pope, Oak Acres, Ranchett Acres,  Avery Road, Whitten Road, Dogwood Street, Hartzell Road (HIGH SCHOOL ONLY)

Bus 211 – James Street, Broadway Street, Miller Street, Watts Street, Short Street, Central Street, Court Street, Creek Street, Pamela Street, Bates Street, Church Street, Gowdy Street, Lomax Street, Johnson Street, Batesville Drive, Park Street, Jones Street, New Beginnings Daycare, East Street, Pecan Grove Apartments, Dickey Drive, Georgia Street , Kids World Daycare, Potts Street , Gay Street, Smiths Street, Graves Street, Ward Street, Linker Street, Around the Clock Daycare (166 HWY 51), Latitia Street, Perkins Street

Bus 212 – Lamb Street, Panola Avenue (Crowder), Humphrey Street, Love Street, Dummy Line Road,

 Bus 213 – Asa Road, Magnolia Daycare{P.M. ONLY), Eureka Street (HWY 6 to HWY 51), Farrish Gravel Road, Hughes Road, Spring Hill Asa, McDowell Road, Wheeler Road, Cutting Horse Lane, Chapletown Road, Stevenson Lane

 Bus 214 – Hankins Road, Jaudon Road, Cutt Off Road, Waldrup Road, Locke Station Road, Nash Road (Dummyline to Atkinson), Hwy 6 West, Fisher Street, Jefferies Street, Vaugh Street

 Bus 970 – Autumn Avenue, Baker Street, Dora Street, Hobbs Street, Kyle Street, Queen Street, Bradford Street, Bright Street, Brinkley Lane, Broad Street, Brook Street, Browning Street, Gordon Drive, Hoskins Road, Normandy Avenue, North Street, West Street