Take the shot, or don’t get a check

Published 9:11 am Friday, April 30, 2021

Dear Editor,

Just a little over a year ago our country changed forever as it seems like the entire world shut down. The coronavirus or Covid-19 has finally hit home. That was in March 2020.

Now this is almost May 2021. Are we out of the woods yet? No, not at all. Are things better now? Of course it is, but only a little better.

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We know now that scientists with the grace of god have developed a vaccine to combat Covid-19. As of the day I’m writing this letter 122,295,530 Americans have taken the first dose of the vaccine and 68,159,289 have taken the second dose.

I am proud to be included in both. I am writing this letter referring to the people refusing to take the shots. I am not talking about people who have major health problems and therefore may be hesitant to take the shot. And then you got some older people who never liked needles in the first place.

But I am talking about people out there who give stupid reasons not to take the shot. They say things like I am not taking no shot that kills people or I don’t know what they got in no shot, or them white folks trying to kill us.

Hello? Do you realize what is coming out your mouths? Trying to kill us?  Do you wanna know the facts? Since the first case of Covid-19 there have been 31,442,604 cases of Covid-19 in the United States with 567,894 deaths.

In the State of Mississippi there have been 307,836 cases with 7119 deaths and right here in Panola County 4,445 cases with 103 deaths.

Do you think if any of those people that died would have had a chance to take the shot that could have saved his or her life that they would take it? Heck yeah they would. I don’t know of anyone that has taken the shot and has died directly from taking the shot.

I don’t care who developed the shot – white man, green man, Arab, Chinese, black man – they are trying to prevent other people from joining those stats I just gave out.

And some people will say it usually takes seven years for them to develop  a vaccine so how can they develop this one in seven months.I don’t know or care but I’m glad they did.

If this person you always loaning money to pays you back in about 30 days, but this time he pays you back in a week, you go take that money don’t you? Yes, you are.

The bottom line is in order for things to get back to normal and we have a healthy environment again. Please take the shots. Now it is more access to the shots than when I took it. Local drugs stores like Kroger and Wal Marts are giving them out now. And they are free.

We can get mad if our stimulus money don’t come on time, but we can’t take the shots. I think on the next stimulus bill if there is one the president needs to say I am not making it mandatory for you to take the shots, but in order to get a stimulus check you need to send in proof that you have taken the shots or show a statement from your doctor stating why you have not.

We will have a line from Kroger all the way back to Hwy. 51 & 6  intersection.

Thanks. My name is Bobby Bradford, I am six-nine, and my phone number is 662-654-5918. My address is 202 Lester St.

s/Bobby Bradford