Panola blessed with great law officers

Published 8:55 am Friday, April 30, 2021

By Ricky Swindle

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I have been having more and more good folks around town complimenting me on the articles I write. I truly oblige the positive feedback. I just do this for fun. It’s nothing I will ever quit my day job for.

I nervously watched live video on social media the day the hip hop artist Big Boogie came to town. It was a very tense situation viewing it on my phone so all the folks there on both sides must have really been stressed.

I do not know Big Boogie personally and I can say I have never heard his music, but I will give him this, he made a good decision that day. Everyone with him also made good decisions on that off ramp.

Our local law enforcement officers are to be commended for their training and the patience they presented to handle that volatile situation peacefully.

I was proud of the fact that both our Sheriff and our Batesville Chief of Police were only a couple minutes away helping needy folks and handing out food boxes in Pope.

When Big Boogie and his entourage came off the interstate, our top two law enforcement officers and a host of others were there to greet them.

That meant a lot to this ole boy. At the exact moment we needed our two top lawmen, they were there. Both of them being highly educated in law enforcement training and holding more LEO degrees than a thermometer.

We are blessed to have distinguished law enforcement officers all the way around from City to County to MHP but in a dangerous situation such as this, you need all of them along with their respective leaders in place working together to find peaceful solutions.

I praise all officers involved that day and I am also thankful the Memphis folks made a sound minded decision too. I don’t want to ever see anyone lose their life first and foremost, but I also don’t want to see our hometown in a negative light on national news either.

Sheriff Phelps and Chief Pittman have both been on The Local Yokels Show with me discussing all the latest advances of their respected departments.

Chief Pittman assured our listeners that the new cameras we’re not being used to write tickets. They are only being employed for surveillance and they are finely tuned as to not look over fences and see you skinny dipping or in my case chunky dunking in your pool.

Sheriff Phelps and Chief Pittman both are excited about our new Crime Stoppers Program. If you see a crime or have information you can anonymously call 662-209-2011.

Sometimes folks are afraid of retaliation if they talk to police officers about a crime. With this program, no one knows but you plus you can get paid cash money doing it.

The Sheriff also updated us on the new Citizens Police Academy they are implementing. Captain Kevin Smith is heading up this great feat and it will be a fine opportunity for civilians to see how the department actually works. More information on class start times will be published later in this paper.

Another new program the Sheriff talked to us about is the Crush Program, modeled after the Blue Crush Program that was quite successful in Memphis years back.

They take all county crime data and deduct it down to the location, day and time of said crimes being committed. With this valuable information in hand, they strike high crime areas quickly, moving in and out and arresting the perpetrators at their peak times.

In this day and age, law enforcement needs to utilize any and all legal means to protect the citizens and property of a community.

I’m under the mindset that our local law enforcement has rapidly evolved to the 21st century being armed with proper training, education, community mindfulness, transparency and leadership.

We have a lot to be proud and thankful for when it comes our local law enforcement agencies.

We have our App back for Undefined Radio. Just go to your app store on your I-Phone and type in undefined radio. It’s a free app and you can listen to The Local Yokels Show every Saturday 9-11 am plus Johnny Pace has his Mississippi Morning Show Monday – Friday 6-8 am with all your local news.

We are opening the Show back up and will have local artists come and play live again for you like we used to do along with more interviews of local leaders to inform you of whatever new is happening.

Folks take care of yourselves and your neighbors too. That person you help today could also be the one who helps you down the road.