Haire Auto Group Growing At New Location

Published 9:23 am Thursday, March 4, 2021

By Carrie Stambaugh

Business is booming for local businessman Mills Haire, owner of the Haire Auto Group LLC., a used car and automobile detailing business.

Haire opened his business in November 2019, but it quickly outgrew its original space and recently moved to a new location at 125 Lakewood Drive, in Batesville. 

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On any given day, a visitor to Haire’s lot will find between 15 and 20 used cars available to purchase at prices ranging from $8,000 to $15,000. “That is what is affordable to us in North Mississippi and Panola County,” he explained.

Among the cars usually on the lot are a selection of regular sedans, along with small and large SUVs. If a customer doesn’t find what they need, Haire will locate a vehicle to suit them.

All Haire’s vehicles are purchases through the world’s largest automobile auction house, and he prefers to buy high-quality turn key vehicles that do not need a lot of work before they can be driven home by a customer.

“That way I know it is high-quality,” he said.

Haire prides himself on doing more listening than talking when working with clients.

“I enjoy meeting customers and educating them on the wrong and right things to do, whether they purchase a car from me or not,” he said.

He strives to do his due diligence to every customer and give each one the attention they deserve. “Instead of me talking, and listening I can help them correctly make decisions for their purchase,” he added.

Haire, the business’s sole proprietor, is not new to the car sales business. He spent seven “very successful” years working at Hallmark Ford and Heafner Motors.

He then spent another seven as a Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance Agent, where he also successfully built his client portfolio.

Around 2018 the dream to open his own business really started dominating his thoughts, but making the jump took some careful thought and praying.

He ultimately decided to take the leap in mid-2019. “My background in automobile and insurance sales, put me in the position I am today, along with my older brother Robin Haire, and some other influential friends. Those friends were supportive from the beginning and I’m grateful for all their encouragement,” he said.

Being his own boss allows him the time and freedom to be with his family – whenever he wants. Haire is a single father of four daughters ranging in age from 8 to 21.

Haire said business has been steady and growing since he opened in November 2019, while he has experienced a few short months overall business has been good.

“I knew to keep my eye on the ball and not panic,” he said.

“You have to keep your eye on the ball and ride it out instead of the recession keeping you in the dumps and depressed,” he said, noting other changes may be necessary like altering business practices or settling for less money on a deal.

“Recently a successful business owner asked me how business is, and was I happy in the pre-owned car business,” Haire said.

“I had to think about that for a second and I answered with, ‘I do the right thing for people every day and ninety-eight percent of the time I will be successful. In actuality, I love the business I’m in and have not worked a day since my last job,” he said.

To reach Mills Haire, visit the dealership, or call him directly at 662-654-0295. The company’s website is and has the lot’s inventory at all times.

Haire Auto also offers customers extended warranties and free Carfax reports for any vehicle.