Darby wins Constable race; votes per precinct reported

Published 8:13 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Former Sheriff Dennis Darby will be the new Constable District 2 after beating Maurice Market in the Panola County election on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Darby led the in-person voting at the precincts by a total of 4,809  to 4,313. After absentee votes were counted, Darby was ahead 5,767 to 5,164. Of the 10,931 total votes, Darby won 52 percent of the in-person votes, and 52 percent of the absentees.

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In the race, there were 9,122 votes cast at the 14 precincts located in the county’s 2nd Judicial District. An additional 1,809 absentee ballots were received in the Circuit Clerk’s office.

The Constable race was a special election made necessary by the death of the late Raye Hawkins, the longtime holder of the post. Hawkins had won re-election to the position just over a month before he was killed in the line of duty  on Hwy. 35 in December of last year.

Market, who had served as a deputy in Darby’s administration, ran for the Constable post last year. He was beaten by Hawkins, but the two were amiable at campaign rallies and debates during the campaign season. They were friends throughout the campaign, and after.

The Board of Supervisors appointed Terry Smith to serve in the vacant post with the understanding he would not seek the seat in the special election.

After last year’s election, Market was kept on staff by new Sheriff Shane Phelps and promoted to captain.

A breakdown of the votes at each of the precincts, including absentees, is as follows:

Sardis Lake FD

Darby 93 – Market 157


Darby 145 – Market 600

Cliff Finch Bldg.

Darby 431 – Market 123

Courtland Baptist

Darby 331 – Market 814

Pope City Hall

Darby 467 – Market 398

Tocowa Community

Darby 561 – Market 171


Darby 65 – Market 145

Panola Ext. Bldg.

Darby 418 – Market 140

Eureka Community

Darby 641 – Market 301

Black Jack

Darby 649 – Market 441

Mt. Olivet FD

Darby 549 – Market 365

Batesville Courthouse

Darby 1,181 – Market 660

Patton Lane

Darby 152 – Market 803

Enon Water Bldg.

Darby 84 – Market 46