Former state representative calls for civil disobedience on masks

Published 7:54 am Saturday, July 11, 2020

Former State Representative and Gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster issued the following statement on Facebook.

I’ve prayed and thought a lot about this. This is going to really upset and even anger some people, if it does then you are part of the problem. You should learn to mind your own business. You will live a happier life if you learn that simple concept.

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At some point enough is enough and I for one have had enough. I’ve watched Communist Democrats protesting and rioting in groups of thousands, burning and looting cities now for weeks and weeks. I’ve witnessed governments, even here in Mississippi close churches. I’ve watched coward politicians bend a knee to the Cancel Culture Liberals time and time again. It’s absolutely sickening.

Our small businesses and our jobs were deemed “non-essential” and closed. It nearly broke us all, and did break many. Those of us still standing are struggling to survive under the relentless and crushing restrictions still being imposed upon us. So, this isn’t about a mask mandate, this is about Control.

This is about standing up to a Governor that is acting like a Dictator. When did the legislature vote on a law to mandate masks? I must have missed them taking up and debating this significant change in public policy. This is about government constantly pushing, more taxes, more restrictions, more licenses, more regulations, more fees, more fines, more loss of Liberty, one little bit at a time.

Well, this is just one little bit too much for me. If you haven’t run a small business and know what that struggle is like, or if you haven’t had to work long hours at an actual job to put food on the table for your family you won’t understand what I’m talking about. For the hard working people struggling to get by out there, you get it.

Then to top that all off, our Governor threatened citizens, small businesses, and local governments of our great state with “this is a wake up call”, we could be facing even stricter measures if we don’t comply. Well, that crossed the line for me, you must have forgotten who works for who. I feel led to remind you that we don’t work for you, or answer to you. You are not our ruler and you are not a Dictator. I for one am not going to let you threaten and treat honest hard working tax paying citizens so disrespectfully, without any push back. You work for us and we need to remind you of that.

This is a global pandemic. The truth is that a lot of people are going to get sick and a lot are unfortunately going to die. If you want to be mad at someone about all of the death, be mad at the lying Communist government of China but quit taking it out on small businesses and the working class! There is nothing that our government can do to stop this virus. It will continue to spread until we reach herd immunity. The only thing we can do is to warn the most vulnerable to stay at home as much as possible until this virus runs its course. It can’t be stopped with cloth masks, and it won’t be stopped with crushing small business regulations. Anyone saying otherwise is full of it. It just is what it is. Life must go on.

I’m not scared to tell you the truth. Some want to sprinkle the truth with fairy dust and puff smoke up your backside and tell you that you will be safe if everyone just wears a cloth mask in public. That false information is not helping anyone to get through this really bad situation. People deserve to hear the truth so they can calculate the risks. People deserve to be able to make their own decisions about how to get through these incredibly difficult times. Mask or no mask, to each their own. If it makes you feel safer then I support your decision to wear one. Just stop trying to impose your will upon everyone else.

Every single person that goes out to eat at a restaurant or goes shopping, knows the risks and has plenty of options. They can order Online, they can go through drive-thrus, order local delivery, call in take out orders or arrange curb side pick-up, they can wear a mask if they choose, they can even wear two masks. In other words they have choices they can make, they can choose to take the risks or not take them.

Life is full of risks. Freedom is not free, it comes with a very high price. We are not talking about medical facilities where vulnerable people have to go for treatment we are talking about imposing blanket unproven restrictions on every single small business and worker. This isn’t about a mask, it’s about a principle.

We are ALL fully aware of the risks with this virus. It’s all we have heard about from Dr. Doom & Gloom Dobbs and Dr. Always Lying Fauci for months. Some people are scared to death of it, they can and should stay home. As for myself and many others we are not going to let a virus with around a 99% survival rate or a lying career politician Governor dictate every single aspect of our lives. We will continue to be conscious of other people’s personal space but Life must go on. We are over the fear of it.

If I go to a business who requires me to wear a mask in order to come onto their property then I will respect their rules and either wear a mask or I will find another place to do business with. That’s how free markets work.

I choose for my state and my business to be part of what’s left of Free America. I reject the notion that the government knows what’s best for me and my life, I reject the Liberal ways of New York, California and Communist China. I reject the government controlling every aspect of my life from cradle to grave.

I will have my restaurant open on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from 5:00-9:00pm, The Barn at Cedar Hill Farm. The address is 008 Love Rd, Hernando, MS 38632.

Now, Governor Reeves, I want you to listen very carefully to the next part that I am about to say.

I have not worn a mask at my business yet and I have not made any of my employees or customers, and I will not be making them wear one either. If they choose to wear one, and some do, then I will support them as I have been. But, this guilt trip nonsense claiming that if we don’t all comply with masks that we will cause people to get sick and die, is ludicrous.

If people don’t like how I’m running my business, or think it’s not safe, they don’t have to come support my business. If my employees don’t like it, or don’t feel safe, they can quit. That’s how free markets work.

With all due respect Mr. Governor, I am openly defying your public mask mandate and social distancing executive orders. Now, what are you going to do about it? I would like to see you come up here and try and make me wear a mask!

Maybe I will be standing on my own, maybe my employees will all stop coming to work, maybe my customers will all stop coming to my business. If that’s the case then so be it. But as long as I have employees and customers I’m going to serve those customers and I won’t be making anyone wear a mask. I am also not going to make large families and groups of friends that live and ride together sit at separate “socially distanced” tables. What a bunch of illogical crap.

I’m sure Cancel Culture Communist Liberals will call me all sorts of names. You will laugh at me, mock me, threaten me and try and boycott my business. I can take your insults. I can take your criticisms and public shaming. I’m not scared of you or your hollow words. I’m fully aware of the consequences of my actions, are you?

So with that, I believe it is time! In fact, it is past time to take a stand. If you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in a Free country then we must hold the line. If you don’t stand now I’m afraid there won’t be any ground left to stand on. We have given too much for way too long. If we don’t push back, it will be another personal Liberty, your job and your business being crushed next. I’m not calling for a protest I’m calling for something even more powerful. I’m calling for you to be Civilly Disobedient. I’m calling for you to defy these unlawful Liberty infringing and financially crushing small business mandates. What’s it going to be Mississippi, Liberty or Tyranny?

If the government wants anymore of our Liberties then I say to them, Molon Labe!