Difficult places are well worth the journey

Published 5:22 pm Saturday, January 11, 2020

As I write we are nearly to the tenth day of January. The temps are holding steady at cool to mild with lots and lots of rain. We still have a leaky roof, and no one seems to be able to diagnose and remedy the situation.

My car is also leaking around the windshield seal and making for a drooping headliner. I think I know just the person to fix that leak.

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We have not had any work done on that part of the car (which is about the only part that didn’t need repairs last year) so I am not sure why we have a leak. Age perhaps?

As a woman with a considerable amount of age myself, I understand leaks.

Dear Don has now officially made a federal appeal to overturn his disability denial. The summary brief written by our attorney was sobering. I’m not sure how any objective person could read it and not give him a favorable decision.

Maybe thinking that someone, anyone in the government is objective or even fair may be the reason. I am sure that after reading claim after claim for years on end one must become jaded at some point. We are only asking for someone to acknowledge the actual medical facts. That can’t be so hard now can it?

We ended our year on an upbeat note. We have found ourselves in a place we did not expect. We have also had a healing although not in the physical sense with Don’s condition. We have had a greater awareness of our needs and finding contentment with the stripping down of all we held dear.

I don’t recommend that you take the same route we did to get to this place of faith and calm, but I will certainly say that it is a place we might all strive for at some point in life. We hang on to things that we think bring us security and contentment.

But if things were the answer my friends many would have been content long ago. In order to completely rely on God one must not rely on anything else including self. That is a difficult place to get to but well worth the journey.

Someone reminded me recently that I used to teach in SS that I could get right to the precipice of complete faith, but never take that last step. She said that God pushed me over the edge. And He did just that. I was in free fall for about a year and then He swept me up, emptied me out and has been refilling me with faith, understanding and contentment.

It is an awakening.

Dear Don has (we think) medical insurance as of 01/01/2020. We haven’t tested it yet but it will cover his local doctor and some meds. We are thankful and blessed.

We had a scavenger hunt in GA’’s Sunday night and the object of our search was young Jesus from the story at the end of Luke 2 where his parents lose him.

The girls were enthralled by the story and at the end where it states that his parents did not understand when Jesus said he must be about His Father’s business was interesting to them because they knew exactly what He meant.

I love those girls and they are so smart and have an understanding that goes well beyond their years.

Winter is here folks and at some point we will be letting faucets drip and checking on pets and old folks. So stay tuned and as always be kind. It looks better on you.

You can contact Sherry at swhcsc@wildblue.net or 662.563.2525