Crenshaw starts work program

Published 11:03 am Tuesday, May 28, 2019

By Myra Bean

In its monthly meeting, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of Crenshaw approved the establishment of a work program for people to work off their municipal court fines at the request of Judge Mildred Lesure.

Those who qualify will be able to work with Sammie Armstrong in public works and also work with Mrs. Striplin on the city beautification program to hit some hot spots in town.

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Water Cut-off Policy

Due to many questions about the water bill policy, the board was given a copy of the policy and asked questions. They were told how and when the water is cut off. The bills will go out on the first and customers have until the 25th to pay. The board readopted the policy.


City Clerk Tiara King said they are still working on collecting surveys to be in compliance with the CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) through North Delta Planning.

Deborah Armstrong appeared before the board for Lily Croft. She got a letter about a building sitting on the spot. She has to have an elevation certificate from the engineer for the property because it is in a flood zone.

Danzel Armstrong, Nelson St., Crenshaw, appeared before the board because she was given a citation for selling candy out of a storage unit on her property that is not zoned commercial. The board explained what she had to do. She received the permit for the storage unit.

Her defense was she was told last year by someone in authority that there would be no problem for her to sell her stuff.

She asked if she could apply for a special exception to operate a business at her house. According to board attorney Tommy Shuler, she can apply for a special exception.


Lygunnah Bean gave the docket report of the seventh month ending April 30. The city raised $287,000. Of that $125,000 was transferred from the water department. They still lack on the city grant $135,000 There is still $151,000 on the grant that has not been received.

City Court Clerk King was approved to go to the Mississippi Municipal League conference June 24-27 in Biloxi for $330.

Public Works

Sammie Armstrong, public works director, said if the Crenshaw board would send the County Board of Supervisors a letter, they could probably get someone with the trackhoe to place rip-rap rock around the lagoon and stop it from washing.

Mayor Oscar Barlow said this is a priority because they do not want it to break.

Armstrong also included in the letter about the ditch on Jones St. that carries the water out of town that holds everything up. It is grown up.