The Book remains an inspiration

Published 4:36 pm Monday, December 17, 2018

By Sherry Hopkins

Community Columnist

The Bible was aging and worn the pages thinned and delicate but still so full of relevant truth and inspiration. Much like the preacher who possessed it. There were notes on top of notes on nearly every page. A true indicator of the life and heart of this faithful  God anointed man.

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He had held this Bible during times of distress and grief, his own and others. He had held this Bible up before congregations all over Mississippi for generations. He had used the passages inside the covers of this book to inspire and console and comfort those he knew and those he did not know. He had drawn his strength from the truths he leaned on every minute of every day. The truths that were inspired by God and written to inspire and teach us all.

To live the Bible you must know the Bible. You must know that each time you read or study a chapter verse or book you will draw something new you begin to know God.

It was most likely the most important possession he owned.

When he walked with the Bible in his hand he always carried it up close to his chest as if he had a line connected straight from the pages into his very heart.

As he left church that Sunday morning where he was interim pastor, he without thinking, left the old Bible on the top of his car and drove away. He realized his error once he reached his destination and was at once distraught. He knew instantly his mistake and got back in his car and drove the same route two, maybe three times all the while searching for the beloved Bible.

And then he decided to ask for help. He stopped his car in the middle of the road and prayed out to God to help him find the Bible. He began to drive again still searching each mile, each foot along the roadside. And, alas, there it was in the middle of the road. His prayer had been answered.

Perhaps it had been lying there all along but in his frantic state he did not see it. But there it was, the back torn away a bit but all the treasures he had pulled from all those years, all the notes he had made in so many different colors of ink, all that he yearned for was there before him.

He no doubt said another prayer of thanksgiving standing in the middle of the road while clutching that old Bible close to his pounding heart, reconnecting that precious line.

This is a season of miracles. We read in the gospels about Mary and Joseph and the miraculous birth of the baby Jesus. We hear stories of families reunited after years of being apart.

We hear of some who are blessed with food and shelter when they have had none. We strive to reach out to those who are less fortunate than we are. All while sending a message of love and hope. That is the message of this season.

Our pastor,  Bro. Bob Self, has blessed us with his profound knowledge and experiences. He is one of those gifted men who can speak to paupers and kings. He is a man of God. He is a man of faith and hope, love and healing. We appreciate all that he has taught us thus far, the love and patience he has shown us and look forward to each Sunday with him standing before us and that old Bible before him.

Thank you for teaching us and more importantly showing us Jesus. God bless you Bro. Bob.

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