It’s Friday

Published 10:17 am Friday, May 11, 2018

How’s your momma and them?

This is the Friday before Mother’s Day and the weekend to call, visit, love, hug, laugh, praise, reminisce, thank, and even cry. It’s okay, even right. Thoughts of all the mothers in our lives evoke many emotions and reflections. There are many that come to mind today so I have a momma update.
Happy Mother’s Day to my momma. This is her first Mother’s Day in assisted living, and we’re relieved and pleased that she’s doing so well now. We were quite concerned back in September when her health prompted this move but now the sparkle is back in her eyes. She’s reading and working crossword puzzles again. And she is still going through boxes from her home, a major chore for anyone. Last week, she showed me my grandmother’s report card and ration books from World War II. Breaking up housekeeping isn’t easy, but, bless her heart, she’s taken it so well, and has adjusted remarkably. I’m so thankful she’s safe and sound and well attended, she even gets to sleep late and stay up late, as she has always liked to do. And because she can my brother, sister, and I sleep better too.
Happy Mother’s Day to my sister, the curtain making, mathematician, beach loving, Ole Miss Rebel. Oh, is she ever the busy mother, wife, friend, and daughter. Her three boys are spread out from Memphis, to Jackson, Miss., to Tallahassee. So, between keeping up with them, making curtains for all of us, and tending to our mother, she’s constantly in the road. But, I see a change coming, Mother’s Day will never be the same. Patti’s going to be a grandmother! Son Thomas and wife, Mead, will have their first baby in September (and I hope she’ll come on Patti’s birthday)! She’s thrilled and totally ready to sew, monogram, smock, and make nursery curtains! That will be one well-dressed baby girl and happy grandmother!
Happy Mother’s Day to Kristine, our first daughter-in-law. This is her first Mother’s Day as a stay-at-home mom. I’m so happy for her. She and dear little Emree have a good time every day and in July we’ll have another sweet little girl joining the party! Kristine is such a good mother…patient, conscientious, organized, fun, creative. Emree has already made more chocolate chip cookies than I ever have, and even knows how to sort the laundry. She has her own little make-up bag like her mother’s but loves a good ride on the 4-wheeler any day with her daddy, gathering eggs, and chasing the backyard chickens. Aren’t girls grand! I can’t wait for the next one!
Happy Mother’s Day to Laura. She’s quickly learning about little boys every day. 4-year olds are lots of fun and lots of work too, and dear Laura, Mack’s such a Walker boy. But she’s handling it well, even with a lab puppy. And Mack loves his momma so. This is her fist Mother’s Day with her in-laws near-by (that would be DW and me). She’s gracious and loving and puts up with us and fills our hearts with love. Nicholas would be so very proud of her as we all are.
Happy Mother’s Day to Kathleen (KC), our 3rd daughter-in-law, who’s having her last Mother’s Day down in south Louisiana! Our whole family is thrilled that she, James, Emma Kate, and Madalyn Grace will be moving to the Memphis area later this month! Bless her heart, she’s cared for their two sweet little ones many days and nights, while James was away working. KC has honed her mom skills and kept it all together wonderfully and tirelessly. We’re so looking forward to having them close again.
And, a happy Mother’s Day to our daughters’-in-law mothers Susan, Sue, and Virginia. These ladies are pretty special to me. They lovingly raised beautiful, hard-working, unselfish, delightful Christian girls who found their way into our lives and hearts. And these mothers-in-law welcomed our boys into their lives as their own. What wonderful ladies to share daughters and grandchildren with!
Happy Mother’s Day to all with hugs, love, and thankfulness.

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