Sheriff’s Report: Victim shot by stranger

Published 11:37 am Friday, September 29, 2017

Sheriff’s Report: Victim shot by stranger

By Ashley Crutcher
On September 16 Deputy Maurice Market received a report of a shooting on Bill Wallace Rd., Sardis and responded to Panola Medical Center where the victim was being treated for a gun shot wound.
According to the report, the victim advised he was getting his children snacks from the store when an unknown individual walked up to him, asked him his name and then shot him. The incident is under further investigation.
Mallard Point Rd. resident reported a disturbance to Deputy Tripp Williams advising her boyfriend attacked her. According to the report, the resident reported her boyfriend grabbed her by the ankles, dragged her outside, down their steps and hit her.
The resident stated they were inside the residence arguing when her boyfriend became physical. The resident was sitting inside a vehicle and advised she could not walk because her back was hurting, according to the report.
Deputy Williams observed blood on the resident’s face, which she advised was the her boyfriend’s blood. “He smeared his blood on my face,” said the resident. The resident stated she was unaware of where the blood on her boyfriend was coming from. The resident suffered a scratch on her face and a red mark on her back.
According to the report, the resident advised she had several alcoholic beverages and was advised to report to the Sheriff’s Department to write a statement. The suspect fled the scene prior to Deputy Williams’ arrival.
The resident was transported by LifeGuard to Baptist Memorial in Oxford.
Atkins Rd., Sardis Resident reported to Deputy Market an individual came onto his property intoxicated and took several pills after being asked to leave the property multiple times.
According to the report, the resident advised the individual’s nine-year-old daughter attempted to hang herself because she doesn’t want to go back with her mother. The resident also stated the individual beats her kids and leaves them at other people’s houses.
The Department of Human Services has been notified. The children were ordered to remain in the custody of their father until the mother submitted to a drug screening, according to the report.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received 40 calls from Panola County resident’s requesting the assistance of Sheriff Deputies from September 11 through September 22.

Septeber 12
• Deputy George Renfroe received a report of a breaking and entering on Tocowa Rd. According to the report, an individual stated her husband noticed the wood missing from the front door.
The individual advised after gaining entry to the residence she noticed the rear window was broken out. According to the report, the suspects were asked to leave on a previous date and were mad at the property owner.

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September 14
• Pollan Rd., Sarah resident reported her front lawn had been destroyed by vehicle tire tracks that were deeply plowed into the lawn. The resident advised there have been multiple property damage complaints in the area posted to social media.
• Deputy Linzy investigated a report of theft on Banger Rd., Sarah, where the resident advised three weeks ago his 2006 Yamaha Grizzly four-wheeler went missing.
According to the report, the four-wheeler is described as having a loud exhaust, knn-filter and a hand sheltered seat with a basket.

September 15
• Atkins Rd., Sardis residents reported to Deputy Jeff Still they were attacked at the New Green Hill apartments by seven or more people. According to the report, the residents were sprayed with mace, hit with brass knuckles and assaulted with box cutters.
• Deputy Seth Coook spoke to a Henry Harris Rd. resident who advised she was attending a funeral and left her phone in her car and noticed it missing when she returned. According to the report, the only person to go to the car during the funeral was the resident’s cousin.
The resident advised she can view the pictures on the phone as well as track the phone using the find my iPhone app.

September 16
• Deputy Hunter Lawrence responded to Green Hill Circle for a disturbance where the suspect advised she went to her cousin’s house where they got into an altercation. The suspect advised her cousin started to push and hit her in the head.
According to the report, the cousin advised the suspect grabbed a hammer out of a vehicle during the altercation and stated he took the hammer from her.
• Deputy Market was foot patrolling on Main St. in Sards when he noticed a black Nissan Altima parked with a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. According to the report, while checking the passenger’s license Deputy Market was advised of a warrant for the passenger’s arrest through Pontotoc County.
Deputy Market asked the subject several times to turn around but the subject refused to do so and began resisting by attempting to run away, according to the report.
Deputy Market deployed his electronic taser and placed the subject into hand cuffs. According to the report, as Deputy Market was placing the subject in handcuffs the subjects girlfriend started going throught the subject’s pockets. Both subjects were transported to the Panola County Jail.
• Deputy Steven McLarty responded to Engineer Point boat ramp for a found firearm. According to the report, the American Arms .22 pistol was located in the water at the end of the boat ramp.

September 17
• Otto Sanford Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Still her ex-boyfriend along with two other individuals arrived at her grandmother’s residence and attacked her.

September 18
• Southaven resident reported to Deputy Chantryce Morris his son was jumped on by his older cousin. According to the report, the suspect jumped on the victim, broke his arm, and continuously hit him while calling him multiple names.
The victim advised his grandmother tried to get the suspect off of him when the suspect started choking the grandmother. The grandfather then came out and pulled the suspect off of the grandmother. The suspect and grandfather got into a fight and the suspect pulled a gun, according to the report. The victim advised he then went to get his mother and they confronted the susect, then the suspect began to chase the victim, according to the report.
• Charles Ln., Sardis resident reported to Lieutenant Bill Furniss her neighbor has continuously driven by her home making threatening hand gestures. The resident advised she wants to press charges for simple assault by threat.
• Tunica resident reported to Deputy Linzy she was assaulted at a residence on Lucious Taylor Rd. where the suspect struck the victim with his fist and threw her cellphone.
• Deputy Darryl House spoke to a Hwy. 315 West, Sardis resident who advised someone came onto her property and vandalized her vehicle by busting the front windshield, cracking the right side windows, cutting the back right tire and pouring some kind of powder all over the front driver’s seat.
Sept. 19
• Deputy Harold Lewis spoke with a Senatobia resident who reported he was assaulted by his cousin for no reason as they were traveling south down Freeman Rd.
According to the report, the suspect pulled the emergency brake to stop the vehicle, pushed him out of the car, picked up a stick and began beating him across the head. The resident suffered a large cut on the left side of his head.
• Hamon Rd. resident reported to Deputy Jeremy Hailey the suspect came up to him threatening to hit his daddy and him. According to the report, the suspect then struck the resident and the suspect was forced to leave.
• Riverview Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Steven Moore her 15-year-old son was missing. As the resident was speaking to
Deputy Moore she received a call from an individual advising the juvenile was with her on Green Rd. According to the report, the individual did not want to giver her address informing the resident of her son’s whereabouts, but later complied at the request of Deputy Moore. Deputy Moore and Hailey responded to the Green Rd. resident and picked up the juvenile and returned him to the resident. According to the report, the resident took her son’s phone and found messages from the individual admitting to picking the juvenile up from his residence. The resident advised she would like to press charges on the individual.
• Otto Sanford Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Linzy three individuals came to her residence in an attempt to fight the resident regarding statements her daughter made on social media. According to the report, the resident’s daughter stated she was tired and wanted to kill herself to make things better and advised she did not feel safe because of the threats from the individuals. The resident sought help for her daughter and advised the suspects persisted with their threats stating, “we gone pull-up again and next time it’s gonna be a killing.” The resident is seeking a peaceful resolution.
• Deputy Linzy spoke to a Hwy 278 West, Batesville resident who reported missing approximately $3,250 worth of firearms. According to the report, family members believe a 14-year-old stole the guns.

September 20
• Belmont Rd. resident reported to Deputy Still an individual assaulted her daughter on Edwards Rd and advised when she confronted the individual he threatened her with a stick and pulled a small rifle and pointed it at her, according to the report.
• Fudgetown Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Renfroe she was jumped by an individual. According to the report, the suspect came to the residence, got in the resident’s face and struck the resident in the face after the resident pushed the suspect to get her out of her face.
• Deputy McLarty spoke to a Woodruff Rd. resident who advised she was driving when an individual threw a rock and busted her windshield. The resident advised she would file charges at a later time.
• Woodruff Rd. resident reported to Deputy Seth Cook she went to her cousins house where an individual walked into the yard cursing and calling the her names. Earlier in the day the suspect allegedly threw a rock and hit the resident’s mother’s vehicle causing the windshield to crack, according to the report.

September 21
• Deputy McLarty was advised of a 1997 white Ford F150 pick-up driving recklessly down I-55 North. After the vehicle was stopped Deputy McLarty asked the driver to step to the back of the vehicle. “I observed damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle and tree limbs stuck in the front grill of the truck. As I was speaking with [name redacted] I noticed she was unsteady on her feet and eyes were glassy and bloodshot,” stated Deputy McLarty. Deputy McLarty asked the suspect if she had done any illegal drugs which she advised she did Meth a few days ago. The suspect was arrested and charged with reckless driving. After being transported to the Panola County Jail the suspect was given a drug test where she tested positive for THC and Meth, according to the report. The suspect was also charged with DUI other.
• Lieutenant Emily Griffin responded to Oak Grove Rd. in reference to a theft where the resident advised he received a call stating some individuals were trying to sell a safe and noticed his safe was missing. The resident advised the safe contained several old coins and paperwork for his property.
• Bethlehem Cove resident reported to Deputy Market she has had her son’s daughter since she was two years old and advised the child is now in fourth grade. According to the report, the child’s mother threatened to kill her and her son if the child is not returned to her.
• Hadorn Rd. resident reported to Deputy Tyler Mills her sister tried to start a fight with her and advised when she was attempting to leave the suspect stated she wanted to kill her. According to the report, the resident advised she has never gotten along with her sister and tries to stay away from her.

September 22
• New Green Hill resident reported to Deputy Still some children playing ball behind her apartment broke her bedroom window.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report
September 16
• Car swerved to miss a deer and hit a tree on Chapel Hill Rd.
• Car was run off of J Q West Rd. by another vehicle.
September 18
• Car backed into another on Mt. Level Rd. An injury was reported.
September 19
• Car his a deer on Parks Place Rd.
• Car swerved to avoid a deer on Old Panola Rd.
• Hit and run occured on John Branch Rd. An injury was reported.
• Car backed into another on Hughes Rd.
September 20
Car lost controle and ran into a ditch on Westbrook Rd.

Juvenile Incident Report
• September 18, a welfare check was conducted for a three and six-year-old on Shady Grove Rd.
• September 21, 13-year-old landed in hot water for a burglary on Hwy 6.