Sheriff’s Report: Man robbed while buying marijuana

Published 10:09 am Friday, June 16, 2017

Sheriff’s Report: Man robbed while buying marijuana

By Ashley Crutcher
On June 2 Deputy Jeremy Hailey responded to Fox Meadows Rd. where the resident reported he was robbed at gun point by two suspects who he was attempting to buy marijuana from.
According to the report, the resident reported his 16-year-old son was attempting to buy $80 worth of marijuana when the two suspects held him at gunpoint and stole the $80.
The victim reported the suspects took him to his house stating “we know you got more money.” According to the report, once at the residence the suspects stole a Columbia jacket, $300 in cash and an iPhone 5 SE.
The victim stated the suspects forced him back into the car and drove to the end of Fox Meadows Rd.  and demanded him to get out of the vehicle “before I blow your brains out.”
In response to a Frank Smith Rd. call, Deputy Hunter Lawrence reported that the resident told him her pregnant granddaughter was abducted from her home and taken in a black Nissan Maxima on June 5.
The resident stated she went to pick up her granddaughter who reported getting into an altercation earlier in the afternoon. The resident stated her granddaughter told her a friend was coming to pick her up to take her to Sardis Lake.
The resident reported seeing her granddaughter outside her residence later in the day speaking with someone in the Nissan Maxima but stated she was unable to see if her granddaughter got into the vehicle willingly or not.
According to the report, the resident received a call from the friend who was supposed to pick up her granddaughter and stated the friend became nervous when she told him that her granddaughter had already been picked up.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received approximately 30 calls from June 2 to June 8 from Panola County residents requesting service from Panola County Deputies.
June 2
• Deputy Bobby Billingsley spoke with a Barnacre Rd. resident regarding a pond on Lemaster Rd. in Sardis where the resident reported he found multiple dead fish floating on top of the pond.
The resident reported he believes someone poisoned his pond and wanted an investigation done. Deputy Billingsley contacted the Department of Agriculture and spoke with an investigator who collected a sample from the pond.
Further investigation revealed the pond had “turned over” and by doing so some of the fish died due to the lack of oxygen. The investigator advised the resident that there were still plenty of live fish in the pond.
• Barnacre Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Harold Lewis her nephew came to her residence and scared the kids and made threats toward her and then left the scene. The nephew returned to the residence and was standing at the end of the driveway on Barnacre Rd.
According to the report, the suspect was very angry, using profane language, talking loud and refusing to comply with the request of an officer. The suspect was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct-failure to comply and transported to Panola County Jail.
• Deputy Lewis responded to Sanders Rd. where the resident advised someone has entered her yard and scratched her son’s silver 2008 Chevy on both sides.

June 3
• Atkins Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Bill Furniss her son was playing live on their Play Station 4 and thought he was talking to an individual online that would keep their game console from being hacked.
According to the report, the suspect was thought to be a 15-year-old from Hawthorne, Ca., but according to the 15-year-old, his console was hacked by a guy in Baton Rouge, La.
The 15-year-old also stated the suspect is using his information to hack other accounts. The resident reported her credit card information is linked with the account.
Deputy  Furniss advised the resident to cancel her credit cards and contact Play Station to notify them of the incident.
• Courtland resident reported to Deputy Mark Lott her husband has a bad alcohol problem and stated he was drunk and high when he got extremely mad and pushed an AC unit out of the window, ripping away the electricity from the house.
According to the report, the suspect threatened the resident and their children and threatened to burn their house down.

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June 4
• A rape was reported by a Crenshaw resident to Deputy Furniss when the deputy was called to Panola Medical Center. The mother of the victim told the deputy her daughter had sneeked out in the middle of the night to meet some people.
According to the report, the individuals were taken to a vacant house on Banger Rd. where the suspect picked up the victim and carried her into the woods.
The mother stated her daughter told the suspect “no,” but she was pushed down and raped.
The mother stated after the assault her daughter got up and walked home.

June 5
• Hadorn Rd. resident reported to Deputy Furniss a neighbor alerted her that her 2011 Ford Fusion alarm was going off and that a black male was stooped down beside her car.
According to the report, the driver’s side window was broken out and the hood was open, but nothing was missing from the vehicle.
• Deputy Lawrence spoke with a Myrtle resident who reported he dropped his truck off at a residence on Wilson Rd. so the resident could rebuild his transmission on April 28.
According to the report, the resident has not seen the truck and has been unable to make contact with the suspect.
• Waldrup Rd. resident reported to Deputy Billingsley she found two dead dogs that were dumped in a ditch approximately 150 feet from the Lake Susie Entrance on Waldrup Rd.
The resident reported the dogs looked cared for and were wearing collars. Deputy Billingsley contacted the owner by the number found on the collars.
According to the report, the owner reported the dogs got out of their pen and stated he had been looking for them. The owner was allowed to retrieve the dogs for burial.
• Investigator Terry Smith responded to Chyna Rd. and spoke to the resident who stated she was cooking some chicken and left the hot pan and grease unattended and resulted in the fire that burned the kitchen area. According to the report, there was other smoke and damage to the rest of the house.

June 6
• Leslie Rd. resident reported to Investigator Smith his granddaughter came home from rehab and began acting funny and cussing her mother. The suspect was taken to the doctor where the suspect tested positive for heroin and meth.
According to the report, Investigator Smith believed the resident was going to have the suspect committed again for treatment.
• Deputy Lawrence spoke with a Nelson Spur Rd., Pope resident who reported he had misplaced his debit card. The banks had already closed so the resident was unable to cancel the debit card.
When the banks opened the next day, the resident was informed by his bank that several attempts were made to charge to his card.
According to the report, the suspect used the resident’s card at Hair Studio and charged $174 to the card. The owner of the store advised the resident of who had his card.
• Todd Rd. resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe an individual from New York called her stating she was going to be sued if she did not place some money on an iTunes card.
According to the report, the suspect called while the resident was filing a report and the suspect stated he was with a law firm in New York. The suspect hung up and wouldn’t answer when Deputy Renfroe and the resident tried to call back.
According to the report, the resident put $150 on an iTunes card and realized it was a scam when the suspect called back and requested more money.
June 7
• Pope Water Valley Rd. resident reported to Lieutenant Chuck Tucker he received a call from Cash Net USA saying he had a payment due on his loan.
The resident advised he did not have a loan with them. According to the report, an $800 loan was taken out in the resident’s name. The resident was told he needed a police report to dispute the loan.
•Hwy. 35 S. resident reported to Deputy Steven Moore he noticed scratch marks on his blue 2008 GMC Sierra. According to the report, the resident stated he had just broken up with his girlfriend.
The resident stated a friend of his spoke to the suspect who admitted to her that she scratched the car.
June 8
• Deputy Moore spoke to a Shady Grove Rd. resident who stated he heard a vehicle with loud exhaust passing his house several times and idling down the road.
The resident stated when he walked outside he heard the vehicle take off and what sounded like his trailer hit the road. According to the report, the resident noticed his 18 ft. 2013 John Deer trailer was missing.
The resident reported the trailer had a lock on it. Deputy Moore found impressions in the dirt where the trailer had been sitting and entered the trailer’s serial number on the National Crime Information Center.
• File Rd. resident reported to Deputy John Still an individual entered her residence and stole five Dewalt Cordless Drills, a generator compressor and other items. According to the report, there was no evidence of forced entry.
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• May 28, accident occurred on Dunlap Rd.
• May 28, two vehicle accident occurred on Chapel Hill Rd.
• May 30, two vehicle accident occurred on Old Panola Rd.
• May 31, two vehicle accident occurred on Blackjack Rd.
• June 2, car sideswiped a sign at WalMart.
• June 3, two vehicle accident occurred on Mt. Olivet Rd.
• June 4, two car accident occurred on Eureka Rd.

Juvenile Incident Report
• June 7, juvenile got into some trouble over an aggravated assault on Bethlehem Rd.