Municipal Court

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 20, 2016

Officer’s body camera proves defendant guilty

By Emily Williams
Judge Bill McKenzie told two women to grow up after hearing their testimonies during Wednesday’s session Batesville Municipal Court.
Moesha Mister, 106 Normandy, Batesville, and Qualisha Turner, 218 Pearson St., Batesville, both cross filed malicious mischief charges accusing each other of damaging their vehicles.
Turner filed charges on April 13 against Mister for damaging Mister’s car door and Mister filed charges the next day against Turner saying she broke her windshield.
Mister said, “Me and her had a fight at Lotts Store. She kicked my door.”
“What are you two fighting over?” the judge asked.
“She was walking towards me, I ain’t gonna let no one walk up to me,” she answered.
“But could you have driven off?” the judge asked.
“I ain’t gonna let no one walk up to me and I ain’t break her windshield,” she replied.
“So what are y’all fussin about?” the judge asked again.
Mister still refused to answer what the fight was over.
Turner testified, “I was just going up there to see why she was picking on me with my child in the car.”
“I just started hanging out with these girls she don’t like and now she’s pickin’” Turner said.
“The girls I hang out with are into it because of Derrick Fondren. Derrick is my cousin and he dates a girl I hang with,” she explained to the judge as why they don’t get along.
On April 13 Turner said Mister hit her window.
“So she filed charges the same day you filed charges?” asked McKenzie.
“We got to fighting later that day after she got out of jail on Vance Street,” Turner said.
“What was the fight about?” the judge asked.
“My windshield,” she replied.
Moesha M. Mister also had charges of disorderly conduct and simple assault on April 13.
Officer Adam Campbell’s testimony along with his body camera footage were entered into evidence.
The video showed Mister at Patton Lane Park with a large group of people gathered.
“She had her knife out,” the officer testified.
“I pulled my tasor out and arrested her,” he testified.
“She’d been to the department earlier to file charges/make a complaint saying Turner busted her windshield out,” he testified.
Video footage showed Mister cursing and screaming along with the knife in her hand as she was charging ready to fight.
It also showed the officer pull his tasor but he did not use it.
Mister was screaming and cursing as she was being cuffed in the footage.
“Did you  have a knife?” the judge asked.
“Yea,” she answered.
“Were you screaming and fussing?” McKenzie asked.
“Everybody was!”
“Well this is an easy case,” as he ruled Mister guilty of the disorderly conduct-simple assault charges resulting in a $656 fine.
The judge dismissed the malicious mischief charges against both Turner and Mister telling them to grow up.
Najrick L. Edwards, 3339 Benson Rd., Pope, was referred to the grand jury for possession of a weapon by a  felon.
“What made you a felon?” the judge asked.
“I had strong armed robbery in junvenile court,” Edwards replied.
Tevis Flowers, 8492 Hwy. 35 South, Batesville, was sentenced to six months for failure to pay old fines and failure to complete the work program to satisfy the old fines of $2,313 due since May 2015 and also sentenced to six months in jail for six counts of shoplifting.
“Thirty days for each shoplifting charge,” the judge said.
“I learned my lesson,” Flowers said as he pleaded to the judge.
“I don’t know what to do with someone who steals this much. The only answer is to keep you behind bars,” McKenzie answered.
He will serve one year total in jail.
Terry Key, 100 Woods St., Batesvillle, entered guilty pleas to discharging a firearm in city limits, false information to police and possession of a concealed weapon.
Key explained to the judge, “I was into it with some guys and it kept getting deeper and deeper, so I got my cousin’s gun and I shot the gun in the air to get everyone away from me. I gave the police my cousin’s information because I didn’t want them to take his gun away,” Key said.
Key also has felony robbery charges in Memphis and will be extradited.
He was fined $1,849 and told to leave the guns alone.
Paul E. Roper, 802 Sardis Lake Dr., Sardis, was found guilty in his absence of shoplifting from Walmart and was fined $1,146.
Jerry Williams Jr., 218 Broadway, Batesville, had a domestic violence-simple assault charge dismissed after a short trial.
Geraud D. King, 119 Field St., Batesville, had domestic violence-simple assault and driving while license charges remanded to the files.
Herbert M. Testerman, 10860 Rd. 838, Philadelphia, had a warrant issued for his arrest after failing to appear to answer shoplifting, failure to stop to blue lights, no proof of insurance and reckless driving.
Zeandra Butler, 100 Hobbs St., Batesville, was told to have her total fines of $1,445 paid in full in 30 days or serve six months in jail.
She had driving while license suspended and contempt of court charges.
Toward Crowder, 101 Dora St., Batesville, paid fines of $1,128 prior to court for no tag light, no driver’s license and old fines.
Jamithrea L. Moton, 3415 Christil St., Memphis, entered a not guilty plea to possession of marijuana in a vehicle.
She was given time to get a lawyer and her case was continued.
“Come back in two weeks with an announcement,” the judge said.
Tony Wheatly, 4214 Barnacre Rd., Batesville, entered guilty pleas to possession of marijuana and no turn signal. He was fined $598.
Joshua R. Holmes, 92 Sherwood Dr., Batesville, failed to appear to answer possession of marijuana in a vehicle.
Ladarrius Johnson, 102 Hadorn Rd., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to possession of marijuana in a vehicle and no tail lights. He was fined $838.
Everette R. Mixon, 210 Georgia St., Batesville, failed to appear to answer charges for violation of a protection order. A warrant was issued.
Alyiah T. Scott, 311 Armstrong, Batesville, failed to appear to answer charges for disorderly conduct and old finesof $1,217 due since May 2015. Al Williams Bonding was notified.
Markietric D. Joy, 1239 Lawrence Bro., Batesville, failed to apppear to answer malicious mischief and old fines of $567 due since November 2014. Alright Bonding was notified.

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