Assault apparently case of mistaken I.D.; one of 45 calls to sheriff’s department

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 22, 2016

Assault apparently case of mistaken I.D.; one of 45 calls to sheriff’s department

By Ashley Crutcher
Deputy Mark Lott would like more information on a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson pistol with a black hand grip that was found at the edge of Sardis Lake just south of Pavilion 298 on April 9.
“I was unable to locate a serial number because it had been removed,” Lott stated in his report. The pistol was placed in Panola County Sheriff’s Department’s evidence vault.
A woman who was assaulted April 7 in the yard of her home on Highway 51 South, Sardis told Lt. Kelvin Taylor “she never saw the lady before and does not know why she assaulted her,” the officer’s report states. The suspect drove up in a red car, threatened to shoot the victim, started beating her and knocked her to the ground, calling her victim by the wrong name. The victim’s husband intervened and stopped the assault, according to the report.
Also on April 7, Deputy Jeremy Hailey was called to investigate a break in on Abe Chapel Road, Como. The victim returned home about 1:45 p.m. to find her front door open, the alarm “beeping” and brick laying on the floor inside where it had landed after having been thrown through a window. Inside, the burglar had ransacked two bedrooms, “opening drawers and throwing things on the floor, according to the report.
That same Thursday an elderly resident of Old Highway 51, Courtland told Deputy George Renfroe that a vehicle driven by an unknown driver drove through her yard causing ruts.
The April 7 incidents were among 45 calls for service to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department recorded in incident reports from April 7 to April 15 and released this week.
Other calls for service by dates are as follow:

Friday, April 8
•Hwy 35 South resident contacted the Sheriff’s office to report that an individual contacted her about filing for a grant. The resident saw a friend’s Facebook post that claimed the same individual attempted to scam him. Detective Bryan Arnold is continuing the investigation.
• Deputy Lott was advised of a breaking and entering on Crouch Road where the resident noticed an open window but nothing missing.
• Deputy Darryl House responded to Waldrup Road in response to someone trying to steal a dirt bike and four- wheeler. Deputy House spoke to the suspect who stated that his boss had repossession papers on the dirt bike.
Saturday, April 9
• Letha Wiley Road, Sardis resident reported to Lt. David Mills that someone broke the back windshield out of his daughter’s Black 2001 Plymouth with a brick.
• Deputy House responded to Rockhill Road, Sardis where the resident stated that an individual busted the front windshield of his Green 2001 Buick with a green fence pole.
•  Deputy Chuck Tucker dispatched to Carlisle Road in Courtland where the resident reported that an individual in a Gold Toyota Camry threw a brick through a window.
Sunday, April 10
• Deputy Maurice Market responded to a domestic violence call on Dishmond Road in Como where the victim reported that her husband assaulted her. Market arrested the suspect.
• Deputy Lott took a report of aggravated assault from a Senatobia resident who stated that he received a call stating that his father had a four-wheeler accident and was in the Med in Memphis. The victim stated to his son that it wasn’t an accident and that two men beat him until he was unconscious. According to the report, the victim suffered a broken back and bleeding on the brain.
• Ballentine Road, Sardis resident reported a burglary to Deputy Market. According to the report, a 32” flat screen TV and a five gallon water jug full of money was taken.
Monday, April 11
• Hwy 51, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Hailey that an individual took her Black Chrysler Sedan out joy riding and wrecked it.
• Lt. Mills responded to Graham Road, Sardis, resident reported that someone came by their home and started shooting into it.
• Deputy Market  spoke to a Pope /Water Valley Road, Pope resident who stated that her boyfriend struck her in the face and pulled out her hair.
• Hwy 315, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Britton Crawford that a large fight broke out at the Belmont Apartments the night before and that the fight caused damages to the door and windows of an apartment.
 • Fox Run Drive, Courtland resident reported to Deputy Josh Griffin that an individual violated a protection order and knowingly dined at the same restaurant as the victim and paid her bill. The subject made a Facebook post admitting to the violation. The subject claimed there was not a protection order in effect but a no contact order. The subject was arrested and transported to the Panola County Jail.
Tuesday, April 12
• Deputy Hailey received a report of disorderly conduct at the Pope Country Cafe. After refusing to leave, the subject finally walked outside where she resisted arrest. She was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting.
• Deputy Crawford was dispatched to Sardis Justice Court building for a report of fraud. A victim stated that a large amount of money was missing from his Regions Bank account.
• Deputy Renfroe received a report of an abandoned vehicle on Mount Olivet Road that was blocking traffic near Hill Crest.
•Pleasant Grove Road, Como resident reported to Investigator Arnold that a black Dodge Charger ran her off of Highway 35.
• Highway 51 North, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Hailey that an individual was threatening her. According to the report, the individual busted the windows out of her parents’ house.
Wednesday, April 13
• Deputy Harold Lewis spoke to a Highway 51, Como resident who stated that she was assaulted by two sisters. The victim’s mother attempted to break up the fight and was also assaulted.
• Deputy Lee Martin responded to Nash Road in reference to a report of assault.
• Forrest Drive North, Sardis resident reported to Investigator Danny Beavers that her .45 caliber pistol was stolen.
• Ballentine Road, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Lott that the bumper and tag on his Toyota pickup was missing.
• Deputy House dispatched to Old Panola Road, Como  where a black and yellow tool box along with tools were taken from the resident’s shed.
• Detective Terry Smith was called to a fire on Plum Point Road. According to the report, the trailer house had power but no gas or any reason for the fire to have been an accident. The arson investigation is ongoing.
• Rock Hill Road, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Lott that someone busted out the front windshield of his Buick with a fence post.
Thursday, April 14
• Lt. Mills responded to Highway 315, Water Valley, where a store window was broken. A cell phone was located on the floor inside the store. One subject was identified from surveillance camera video.
• Audrey Road, Courtland resident reported to Deputy Jones that her ex-husband had a mental health evaluation and became belligerent and threatening when she tried to get him ready for the appointment. The subject was taken to the sheriff’s office and held for evaluation.
• Lt. Mills responded to Fredrick Cove, Courtland for a report of trespassing.
• Investigator Arnold received a report that a Eureka Road resident is selling stolen property from Lowe’s, Piggly Wiggly, Kroger and other local businesses. According to the report, the subject informed people that he stole the items off the trucks.
Friday, April 15
• Center Street, Sardis resident reported to Investigator Beavers that her estranged husband threw a brick through the front windshield of her Pontiac and knocked out the driver’s side windows after she refused to give him a ride.
Juvenile Offense Report
• April 11, 15-year-old still missing from Lovejoy Road.
•April 11, Mimosa Road resident reported a 15-year-old engaging in malicious mischief.
• April 12, Hubbard Road resident reported a simple assault.
Motor vehicle accidents.
• March 30, one car wrecked on Fulmer Road.
• April 11, hit and run on McNeely Road.
• April 12, two car accident on Northwood Drive.
• April 13, two car accident on Good Hope Road.
• April 13, two car accident on Hunter Chapel Road.
• April 13, two car accident on Compress Road, an injury was reported.
Earlier reports from March investigated by Deputy Hailey include: a family disturbance on Pleasant Grove Road, Como, on March 2; stolen wire found at a Ballentine Road residence on March 7; another family disturbance on Old Panola Road, Sardis, on March 11; and a report of theft where two ladders were taken from a Highway 310, Como residence.

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