John Howell Sr. 5/19/2015

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Facebook friends help describe weird sound heard from woods

Following a story by Rita Howell in last Friday’s Panola People (Bug Chorus Singing), we posted photos and an audio with the sound on The Panolian’s Facebook page and asked readers to describe the sound or comment. We think you will enjoy these selections of what they had to say.

Michele Hudson Williams: I live at Sardis Lake and been hearing something, wonder if this is what I am hearing???

Faye Donahue: Sounds like what I think outer space or weird alien would be, and they are nonstop all day!

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Nikki N Miguel Flores: It sounds like an alarm going (out) here on (Mt. Olivet Road) ‘n it starts around 9 am until about 4 or 5 in the evening it’s very annoying!!

Sherry Hopkins: Reminds me of a sci fi movie where aliens come out of the ground and make this weird sound. They are louder than the normal ringing in my ears.

Dottie Potts: The sound of me screaming when I see one!

Doris Howse: Down here in Lincoln County they sound like a siren that never stops! Been here now for 3 weeks! Won’t be long and they will be gone

Darcy Coleman Stafford: Independence also all day lol

Tanya Sheppard: I haven’t seen white. The million we have are this color. Wonder if they come out white and turn this color?

Tanya Sheppard: I live a few miles from Sardis spillway. They are extremely loud here.
Cassidy Simpson: My mom said they sound like her ear. She has Meniere’s Disease.
Pamela Perkins: This is the first year that I have ever seen the white cicadas.

Michael Collier: If you have ever watched a low budget B rated UFO movie it sounds like the noise the UFO makes.

Windy Stephens: I live on Lake Suzy a few here but (not) that many.

Frank Cadena: The sound is non-stop (through) the night out in the country in Mt Olivett.
Corrine Beard-Thompson: They are roaring in the woods here in Harmontown.
Sounds like the pipe line busted, however, the pipeline has been checked……it’s just these bugs!

Johnna Savage Ashmore: We have been trying to decide what kind of sound best describes them here for days .. Kind of sounds like a fan motor that’s going to quit any minute to me .. lol.
Lori Smith: They sound like a wall of mosquito(s) to me.

Brenda George: I live out by Sardis Lake and they are getting louder everyday.

Janey Griffin Kester: It’s a weird noise for sure. Indescribable to me. All day long here.
Kay Thurmond Turner: Remember as a kid we put our ear to a conch shell and it sounded like the ocean ? That’s what they sound like to me.

Hailey Gant: On (B)arnacre road (S)ardis the sound is deafening from sun up to sun down.
Tonya Robinson: I live in (Y)alobusha County. They sound like road construction in the distance. I have never seen this type of cicada before. I remember them being bigger. The pics posted are fantastic. I’m glad I get to experience these rare creatures. I enjoy the sounds of nature. Their music is definitely distinctive.

Lisa Allen Sanford: They kinda sound like the remote controlled helicopters my great-nephew plays with.

Aretha J. Smith: Yes they are!!! & Extremely loud!

Nadia Chapman: KaTrina Chapman show this to Isaiah.. ask him if he’s heard them at our house???

Ron-Theresa Lynn Merchand: I live in North Dakota and we have them here too….my husband sees them at work a lot.

Dianne Whiting: It sounds like a scary movie!

Faye Donahue: Sure do. Like a million weird sizzles !

Erica Keating Donovan: Sound like a zoo exhibit! Our backyard is covered here in Sardis!
Britney Johnson: Yes and they get on my nerves.

Jennifer Tidwell: Yes, I can hear them inside the house! I have trees all around though.
Roderickus Survivor Pride: My girl and I was wondering what the sound was coming from. Its the same way (at) our home.

Lisa Daugherty: They are so loud Constantly!!!

Kay Thurmond Turner: I like the sound!

Pamela Bishop: Yes we live on Barnacre Rd and I kept wondering yesterday what that noise was, it sounds just like that.

Sharil Brown: They are singing because they are happy to be out of the ground. One of the wonders of nature.