City Court 4-20-12

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 20, 2012

Attorney appointed for defendant in gang-related shooting

By Emily D. Williams

During Batesville Municipal Court held Wednesday, Judge Bill McKenzie appointed attorney David Walker to defend  a young man charged with aggravated assault in connection with recent gang-related violence.

Markevious Robinson, 105 Browning, Batesville, in an initial court appearance, told the judge, “I didn’t do it” as his charges were read aloud.

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He is charged with aggravated assault by shooting a rifle at Ezekiel Willie while walking down Hoskins Road in the middle of the day on April 2.

“Do you think your family can help you get a lawyer?” asked McKenzie.

Robinson’s grandfather indicated the family hoped a lawyer would be appointed.  

When bond was brought up, Detective George Williford told the judge that the Mississippi Department of Corrections has an investigative hold on Robinson, meaning he cannot be released from jail.

Williford said this incident stemmed from the gang related shootings on Everett Street that occurred on Thursday, March 29 when two men died and three others were shot.

Robinson alledgedly shot at Ezekiel Willie the following Monday, April 2 while walking down Hoskins Road.

Markevious Robinson has charged Tevin Robinson, 196 Harris Rd., Sardis, with aggravated assault, alleging  that Tevin shot at him March 29 during the shooting rampage.

Tevin Robinson was arrested Monday but was not in court on Wednesday.

Both are Robinsons but it’s unknown if they are related.

Shoplifting charges

Seven defendants were in court for shoplifting charges.

Benard White, 484 CR 191, Water Valley, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting a DVD player, cologne and other items worth $289 from Wal-Mart.
“If you come in here a second time, you are going to jail,” the judge said.

Anthony McMinn, 6122 CR 224, Water Valley, was fined $1,124 for two counts of shoplifting for stealing an 18-ounce beer from RB Tobacco and taking a five pack of pork chops from Save-A-Lot.

“I was blacked out, I was on drugs and alcohol,” McMinn said.
“That’s not a defense,” the judge responded.
“Did someone make you take those pills?”
McMinn said it was a mistake.
After the judge asked if he worked McMinn responded that he cut grass.
“You’re gonna have to cut a lot of grass to pay this fine off. You manage to have money for drugs,” the judge said as he told him his fine.

Desedric Johnson, 956 Richardson Cove, Clarksdale, entered a not guilty plea to stealing a bluetooth headset worth $29.96 from Wal-Mart.

A trial was set for May 9.
“Bring your witnesses and the people from the store will be here also,” McKenzie said.

Kajarvis Rudd, 161-B Audrey Rd., Courtland, entered  a guilty plea to shoplifting items worth $79.18 from Wal-Mart.

The young well-mannered man told the judge he would be graduating in May from high school.
“Live and learn, Mr. Rudd. Don’t make these mistakes again,” the judge said.
He was fined $1,124.

Henry Mitchell Jr., 729 School St., Clarksdale, entered a guilty plea to shoplifting a shirt worth $19.97 from Wal-Mart. He was fined $1,124.

Cory Nelson, 201 Atkins, Sardis, and Erica Harrell, 220 Frederick St., Sardis, were both charged with shoplifting from Wal-Mart by taking 14 items of clothing and four items of food worth $116.

Nelson entered a not guilty plea and Harrell entered a guilty plea.

A trial was set for May 9 for Nelson.
Harrell was fined $1,124.

Other cases

Wesley Tramel, 13 Ramsey, Sardis, had two counts of domestic violence-simple assault dismissed after the affiant, Melinda Tramel failed to appear. The case dated back to May 2007 and July 2007.

Keyondrick Watters, 396 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to domestic violence-simple assault. A trial was set for May 16. He was fined $330 for no driver’s license and no seat belt.

Michael Porter, 107 MLK D-6, Batesville, was fined $195 for domestic violence-simple assault. He was given credit for the days he served in jail.

Victoria Conner, 123 Vance St., Batesville, had a case of disorderly conduct-failure to comply remanded to the files at the request of the officer.

Quindarrius Pitchford, 1053 Hawkins Rd., Courtland, had a simple assault charge dismissed after the affiant, J’nea McDonald, failed to appear to prosecute.

Joshua Armstrong, 2180 Pleasant Grove, Sardis, was fined $525 for driving while license suspended and speeding.

He had contempt of court-old fines of $734 that had been due since October 2010.
He told the judge he paid those fines.

McKenzie continued the case for a week and told him to come back to court with a receipt proving he paid his fines and that he would get the court clerk to double check her records as well.

Daniel Kester, 489 Pine Lake, Batesville, paid his fines of $325 in full prior to court for possession of alcohol by a minor.

Archie Love, 1051 Lawrence Brothers, Batesville, was fined $755 for possession of marijuana in a vehicle, driving while license suspended and no seat belt.

Brandon Cox, 107 Sweetgum, Batesville, was fined $825 for simple possession of controlled substance, driving while license suspended and no seat belt.

Renaldo Cox, 1924 Shiloh, Courtland, was fined $1,150 for false information, careless driving and driving while license suspended.

Cases set for trial

Eric Smith, 878 Fox Gates, Marks, had a trial continued from last week for misdemeanor embezzlement while working at Kroger.

Robert Coleman from Kroger brought video footage of Smith picking up $50 that was dropped by a customer on the conveyer belt as she was paying for her groceries.

Smith said he did put it in his pocket but it was wrapped up in a receipt and he grabbed the money because he thought it was his receipt.

“Why would you think that it was your receipt when this guy dropped it? The court is convinced from photographic evidence and your defense does not make sense,” the judge ruled.
He was fined $325.

Lucas Lamb, 2378 Robinson, Water Valley, had a domestic violence – simple assault charge withdrawn by the affiant, Heather Lamb.

Timothy Agulanna, 2919 Brandywine, Oxford, had a trial held in his absence for false information.
He was found guilty and fined $625.

Crystal Long, 392 Union Road, Sardis, came to an agreement after speaking with the city’s prosecuting attorney Bob Morris, that she would enter a guilty plea to shoplifting from Gena’s Cuts N Tans.

She admitted to shoplifting after the city agreed to reduce her fine. She was also told to stay off the premises of Gena’s.
She was fined $574.

Reuben Corley, 138 Greenbriar, Batesville, and Jacambria Marshall, 138 Greenbriar, Batesville, both had domestic violence-simple assault cases continued.

Brandon Brewer, 1263 Shuford Rd., Courtland, had a case for DUI, driving while license suspended and reckless driving continued.


Keyondrick M. Watters, 396 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, was fined $330 for no driver’s license and no seat belt.

Dennis Rudd, 109 Hoskins Rd., Batesville, was fined $145 for obstructing a public street.

Austin M. Payne, 120 Trianon St., Batesville, was fined $170 for running a red light.