Terse words editorial

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Terse words from judge in 2007 proved prescient

You see a lot in Batesville’s city court.

The dumb and the outright stupid.

The tragic and the downright sad.

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For example, there was a court case in March 2007. An ongoing dispute over of a basketball jersey spilled into the courtroom after neighbors started fighting and police started arresting them.  

“Two wrongs don’t make a right. That’s how people get killed,” Judge Bill McKenzie lectured from his bench to cousins William Langston and Jeremy Wright.

Whatever the dispute was over a jersey, it wasn’t over yet: Jeremy Wright was standing in front of McKenzie in August 2008, this time charged with stalking Willie Key.

Wright, of 116 Cole Drive, claimed he was at work at the time but admitted they were arguing over a jersey.

“Are y’all still arguing over this gang stuff?” McKenzie said. “This has been going on for two years.”

And it’s still going on.

In a hail of gunfire a single bullet struck Jeremy Wright in the back of the head January 16, on Vance Street in west Batesville. He passed away two days later.

A week later, Batesville police announced January 23 they have arrested and charged four men for killing Wright.

Those alleged killers are set to stand before McKenzie in court Wednesday for an initial appearance.

Dumb and stupid, tragic and sad.