GE Jet Engine

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 14, 2011

Jet engine No. 1 gets delivered

By Rupert Howell

Wednesday marked the first customer delivery of the fastest-selling jet engine in GE Aviation’s history with local GE Aviation employees having played a critical role in making the day possible according to a press release from GE Aviation.

GE’s over 250-person facility here in Batesville played an important role in developing composite fan platforms and cases for the engine, supporting key local manufacturing jobs.

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Since 2004, the GEnx has received more than 1,300 orders for 47 customers on the Boeing 747-8 (GEnx-2B engine) and the Boeing 787 (GEnx-1B).  

As the Boeing 747-8 and 787 fleets prepare to enter service, the GEnx engine production is dramatically ramping up.  

GEnx deliveries are growing in 2011 to more than 140 engines, compared to 67 deliveries in 2010.

In 2012, GEnx deliveries are expected to surpass 200.

The GEnx engine has helped to define the next generation of commercial engines by offering up to 15 percent improved fuel efficiency, which translates to 15 percent less CO2 according to the press release which noted that aircraft must be both efficient and environmentally responsible in today’s world.

The news release quoted FAA forecasts that national air travel will double in two decades.

The production ramp-up is increasing GEnx activity at GE Aviation’s large network of production sites that include 17 other manufacturing facilities besides the Batesville plant.