Shelton Letter

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dress code violation draws mom’s ire, frustration

To the editor:

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This is in regard to an incident at South Panola High School on Wednesday, September 1.

My daughter called me to pick her up because her skirt was too short, a violation of the school dress code. But it was knee length, like the handbook states. When I questioned the principal, he said it was because it rose 1/4 inch when she walked (most skirts and dresses do).

I went to the superintendent’s office. The excuses became ridiculous and funny: because it was red (school colors); then it conformed to her body  (stretch material); her legs were long; she was pretty and with the color she got attention.

Now, come on, please. It is not her fault she is pretty. God made her that way and He makes NO mistakes.

Others have worn the same kinds of skirts, just different colors, and it was OK.

We were even told a different color might have been OK (really).

Anyone who knows me knows my daughter and they know she dresses conservatively and stylishly (not trashy). She is not a troublemaker. She looked very nice that day. It was appropriate enough for church.

It also seemed really stupid to me that she had to miss classes and I had to miss time from work for something so petty.

Bridget Shelton