Carter Letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 13, 2010

City missed chance, let Mississippi TBF bass tournament slip through hands

In regards to the article dated Tuesday, July 27, 2010, “Batesville off the hook for hosting bass tourney:”

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The doors were opened for an opportunity for the City of Batesville to host a Mississippi TBF State Federation Bass Championship Tournament. The proposal was submitted to the City Leaders, and apparently looked good enough to vote, to accept the proposal, and send a signed contract back to the host club, North Mississippi Bass Association.

We had great expectations of bringing 200-300 fishermen, staff, and families into the city for four to five days. The fishermen are allowed two practice days and must fish two tournament days. Fishermen from all round the state would attend.

However, the Director of Batesville Civic Center, Roy Hyde, asked the City Leaders to withdraw the offer because of his findings, that were misleading to the city. In no way were the City Leaders misled by the proposal submitted to the city. The fact finding mission Roy Hyde went on, only misled the City Leaders. Roy Hyde stated to the leaders that in last year’s tournament, there were only 90 participants, but there were 180 participants, along with staff, and families, approximately 250 visitors overall.

Another quote was from Roy Hyde, indicating the participants would only be in town for one night. Wrong again, Roy Hyde.

Most of the fishermen and their families arrive in town on Wednesday and will stay until the end of the tournament, on Saturday. Roy Hyde, how do you get one day out of four or five?

The Director of the BCC, Roy Hyde, focused his efforts on keeping the Mississippi TBF away from the city, instead of focusing his efforts on the economic growth of the city. Our organization would have impacted the different businesses, restaurants, hotels/motels, shopping centers, gas stations, etc. upwards to over $200,000 in revenue, over a four day period.

Thank you Mr. Sonny Simmons, with the Panola Partnership, for your assistance in helping the North Mississippi Bass Association’s attempt to impact Batesville’s economic growth. However, the state tournament will not be coming to Sardis Lake, because the renegotiation of the bid did not meet our requirements of the Federation.

/s/ Danny Carter

North Mississippi

Bass Association

Mississippi TBF Director