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Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ricky Harpole: Balladier, raconteur extraordinaire

Columnist offers an open letter to President

Open letter to the president:

Believe it or not people, I actually read a newspaper from time to time, and worse, I on rare occasions watch the news on t.v. I noticed on that instrument of confusion several days ago a human interest story involving a young lady in  grammar (or 1st grade) school who wrote a letter to the president. The subject matter of her posting said document of address concerned school safety. She stated basically that she was being bullied. Gangbanging students were taking her lunch money or her food itself. Her personal possessions ectetera ad nausem. This situation must eventually be addressed by

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1. The school authorities

2. The child’s parents

3. The perpetrators’ parents or:

No child will be safe in public school under our present form of government and the president’s response to her plea for justice was “you have to stand up for yourself.”

Well, from what I could see of the young lady, she only stands about three-and-a-half feet tall, and is no doubt an exceptional and socially aware young person. She didn’t appear to be armed.

In her school system I can sense intimidation leaking from every crack and crevice and our chief executive advises her to stand up for herself, for the love of God and country. You, Mr. President, have given that child advice that is certain to get her maimed if not killed outright.

What can she stand up and accomplish in such a “hostile environment.” You, sir, are the figurehead of this country, as well as a father.

You have been petitioned by an important citizen to address an important issue, not only on her behalf, but for the future benefit of our nation, and all you can come up with is “stand up for yourself.”

Is the best you can do?

The homeschooling programs have my support, from this point on. I have grandkids and they will be better protected in my backyard in pursuit of an education and probably get a better one than in a “teach yourself how to survive” institution.

There will always be bullies, but the administrators of that institution can be fired for incompetence as well as administrators of our institution, which buck could stop on Pennsylvania Avenue. Tighten up, chief.

Good luck,

Ricky Harpole