Mississippi X-Raz

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss. X-Raz looking for players

By Myra Bean

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There is renewed hope for players who did not academically qualify for college football to get a second chance.

MVP Arena Football Group in conjunction with TTLP (Tutor to Learn Program) is bringing Arena Football to the Batesville Civic Center on April 11, 25 and May 23.

A new Arena Football team is being formed, the Mississippi X-Raz, with Malikia Griffin, formerly of Courtland, as its head coach.

TTLP is looking for Panola County players to become a part of the Mississippi X-Raz.

Players do not get paid to play in this Arena Football league.

Players who were not deemed academically eligible to go to junior or senior college/university receive tutoring to get eligible, free of charge.

“We are looking for players who do not have the grades to get in college and they fall by the wayside,” said Ricky Jemison, founder of TTLP. “We get them motivated to go to school.

Those who have finished college but had no film on them to show to the NFL, will get a chance to get videod and stay in shape. Even if a player was a free agent, but got cut, TTLP can help.

Another group TTLP helps is the group of players who did not graduate from high school. It will help them get their GED.

TTLP is based out of Southaven with Ricky Jemison as its head. His set rules include each player has to have a parttime job and the company will help find them a job.

TTLP will help the players become part-time students at  one of it’s school, Northwest in Southaven or Southwest Tennessee.

This way, when the students have the grades to enroll full time, their eligibility is still intact. Once students become full time, their eligibility starts.

“We will take responsibility to monitor the players’ grades,” Jemison said. “Students have to learn responsibility.”

Jemison named the four part program.

1) Enroll as a part-time student.

2) Help develop study skills and the disipline to want to study.

3) Practice with the program.

4) Before players touch the field, they must show progress in school.

With TTLP, there are no tryout fees, no tutoring charge.

Jemison is looking for sponsors to fund the games and fans to buy tickets.

The coaches of the five teams of MVP are also tutors.

The first registration for the team is tomorrow at the Holiday Inn in Batesville beginning at 11 a.m.

Not only is Jemison looking for players who are men, they are looking for women and men to be volunteers, such as cheerleaders, dancers and cheer and dance coaches. All positions are volunteer. He wants to start a booster club for the Mississippi X-Razs and also needs volunteers to head the club.

Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old.

As a side note, TTLP is open for tutoring to anyone and not just athletes, according to Jemison.

For more information on signup or TTLP, contact Jemison at TTLP, 8653 Hwy 51 North, Southaven, 662-280-9181 or Malikia Griffin at 901-219-9251.