Myra Bean Column

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Super Bowl divides house

The Super Bowl is over and Pittsburgh has its sixth world championship ring and Deshea Townsend has his second ring.

That makes four rings for former South Panola players if I am not mistaken. Kory Chapman has one with the New England Patriots and one with the Indianapolis Colts. If that is wrong, please correct me.

We were a house divided in my home.

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My brother, Master, does not like AFC teams so he was all for Arizona and making a lot of noise in the house about bad or no calls by the refs. Hey, I made a few of those comments myself.

He was in timeout most of the game, relegated to his corner and told to hush up. It did not work. He would move from corner to corner. Whatever corner he was in, he was told to stay there and be quiet.

I had the others on my side cheering on Deshea and the Steelers.

Even my grandbaby, Alexis, was chewing my brother out even though you do not know what she is saying. She just turned one year old, you know. She was fussing at him as he was fussing at the TV. I thought that was funny.

My sister Linda asked, what about who daddy was going for.

See, Daddy and Mr. Townsend are kinfolk from somewhere over in the Pontotoc, Bruce, Calhoun City areas so he has no choice but to be for family.

I kind of determined who everybody was going to cheer for.

I didn’t want to hear the other stuff.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If Arizona went against any other AFC team, say like Indianapolis, I would have been the loudest voice. There would have been a toss up between Tennessee and Miami though. I like Kurt Warner and cheered St. Louis on when they won the Super Bowl. I was pretty mad when they traded him off. I liked seeing Kurt take another team to the Super Bowl.

I do not know what the future holds for Deshea and the Steelers and how much longer he will play. He is getting up into age. He is 33 and has been in the league 11 seasons. Many players start thinking about retirement about now. He does have two years left on his contract with Pittsburgh but is seeing limited time on the field.

Did you notice when he was off the field Larry Fitzgerald caught that long touchdown pass for Arizona to go ahead? Just wondering if anyone else noticed.

I am glad that in seven years Deshea has two rings. That is some accomplishment.

Oh well, I know some of you probably had houses divided over the Super Bowl teams. It makes things interesting. We could not have a Super Bowl party per se because my sister Sandra, the baby and myself were all dealing with bronchitis and stomach viruses so our diets were limited after the bug started to pass.

We had fun anyway until Arizona went ahead. It picked back up when Pittsburgh did the same.