Gene Johnston letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Letter to the editor

 Writer questions Obama’s possible impact in New Orleans

To the Editor:
Just a few lines to let people know how some people feel about Katrina. As you know there is a storm expected to be a hurricane, approaching as I write this.

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A few days ago former president Jimmy Carter was in New Orleans and made this statement as he was looking around New Orleans. He said,  “If Barack Obama were president we’d never have anything like this.”

Ok, Carter you’re saying Obama is God. I just want to be on tall roller coaster at Pontchartrain beach and watch Mr. Obama stop a storm like Katrina.

If he can do that, then I might consider voting for him. But really I think Carter is lying. He’s good at that.

Do you ever notice how much publicity New Orleans gets compared to the Coast of Mississippi?

My old Yazoo County friend Haley Barbour took command when Katrina came in, and even though we were hit harder than New Orleans was, we had a leader who knew how to work, unlike Louisiana.

The Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans ran out and left the people stranded to fend for themselves, while, thank God, Haley went to work. I also think President Bush got a bum rap for that, when he did all he could. Do you know anyone who could do more? I don’t.

Well, Barack, go on down to New Orleans and turn that storm back to sea, then you’ll be elected and you can stand there, or maybe in Florida and wait for the next one. HA.

Gene Johnston