Political Sellout Letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Writer laments sellouts by both political parties

We are a dying nation and democracy is a dying philosophy. When big government politicians ignore the wishes of the majority; when freedom is willingly given away by our Supreme Court with the obvious assent of the people who respond, not with street riots of protest but with a series of news articles, it is the death of a once great nation.

When both political parties send up candidates who openly detest the conservative thoughts and values of our forefathers; who prefer state over family and unlicensed immorality over morality, we are finished. When the media openly manipulates the masses in sheer propaganda and lies; when one party traitorously undercuts this nations’ war against an open and aggressive enemy and nothing happens to it; when corruption, overspending and refusal to enforce laws to close our borders in order to buy votes or favors becomes the rule over the peoples’ wishes, we are finished.

It’s a sad note, indeed.

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Wendell Carvan