Hannah Parker letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Writer says thanks to law enforcement

Just wanted to start off by saying I do not and will never come close to knowing exactly how it is or what it feels like to be any kind of law enforcement officer.

But I can only imagine that when they are preparing to get ready for their shift, the events start with millions of thoughts going wild in a crammed mind.

I figure they are wondering if they are going to feel: joy, hate, love, sorrow or pain. What kind of traffic accidents, crimes, or just  simple safety checks are they going come in contact with throughout the day?

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How hot or cold it is going to be on top of wearing  all the equipment and making sure they look professional?

These brave men and women (who have to love their jobs) go through their life with things we pray that we never have to see or endure.

They see wrecks and people beyond repair.  They have to tell family members that their loved one is gone. They put their life in danger to make sure that others are safe. They go on goose chases to try to stop criminals and only God knows what else.

So, if a routine safety check stands in my way of honoring and being proud of our men and women, then please pray for me, and please pray let me know that when an officer tells me something it’s just that; not “oh, cause I have a badge and I’m and officer, so that’s why.”

So in closing I just want to say to all officers, I am praying that you do not come into too much contact with citizens who don’t want your protection.

Hannah Parker