David Ross letter

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Letter to the Editor

Writer irked by unkept political promises

To the Editor:                                             

I am appalled at what I am reading in The Panolian. I alluded to the fact in a recent letter that politics are alive and well in Panola County. There seems to be a “good ol’ boy” network in place and, as usual, the everyday citizen is left out in the dark.

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 I am referring first of all to the Rolando foods company. This has become a joke to us. Opening dates, hiring dates, ribbon cutting ceremonies—come on, this is absurd. Not to mention, one of the few employees happens to be the main player’s son. What is that about?

Next is the complete disregard for the court’s decision to not allow Dr. Mike Cockrell’s home be infringed with noisy, dirty, totally unacceptable businesses that have no place there. Instead, Martin Bros. keeps pursuing this day after day in one form or the other. Now they want a cement mixing plant located there. Of course, our board of supervisors goes right ahead and approves it even after the courts have rejected it.

Martin Bros. just used another backroom tactic to get what they want. And guess whose district this is in? Right, the same one who pushed this phantom Rolando food company. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I believe the good ol’ boy, politics as usual, should come to a screeching halt and be held accountable for their actions.

Each supervisor was elected to make his own decision about things, not be a yes man to anybody. We all need to start paying attention to what really goes on at these meetings. I may be wrong, but when the candidates came to my door this past year seeking my vote and promised me to be honest and above board and make their own decisions based on the people’s welfare and not lie to me, I expected them to keep that promise.

One of the bright spots in all the politics of Panola County is that we finally have a decent Sheriff’s Department who patrol our county roads and do one heck of a fine job. At least the sheriff has kept his promises.

David Ross