Veteran’s Day

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 12, 2007

Your help needed for Vet’s Day coverage

We need your help with a project.

On Friday, November 9, this newspaper intends to publish a list of every Panola County man or woman currently serving in the armed forces. It will give our readers a snapshot of who was serving on Veteran’s Day, 2007. Future veterans, if you will.

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We need readers to provide us with this information. We need name, branch of service, school attended and when and a local community address. We will also accept photos which we will use if space is available. Since we are not sure how many are serving, we can not be sure whether space will permit the use of photos.

Everyone knows about someone who is currently in service. Some are on active service, some extended deployment, some with National Guard, some with Reserves. Our sons, daughters, mother and dads, husbands and wives are scattered over the four corners of the earth.

We would bring them home — at least in thought — so that everyone will have an idea of everybody else who is currently in service.

That’s our plan — a snapshot of all Panola residents on active service this Veteran’s Day, 2007.