Alexander Letter to Editor

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Letter to the editor
Como Elementary receives praise

To the Editor:

I just felt compelled to write a letter on a positive note about Como Elementary School. I want to tell you what a wonderful leader we have. Her name is Mrs. Versa Brown. Como has a good staff with all who are concerned about our students in the academic area. We are only as good as our leader, and we are so very fortunate to  have such a professional leader and principal. She has just taken over, and the morale of the school is on the way up as fast as it can go.

As I have said over and over again, a principal is only as good as his/her faculty, he/she has to be willing to lay the ground work for cooperation, group effort, care and concern for both students and staff.

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After only a week, I can say, without a doubt, that there are positive happenings going on at our school.

I know that with Mrs. Brown as our leader great improvements are in our future. We are whipped down, but we are headed up and in the right direction. We were tired, and now we have been revived, and I personally will be forever grateful.

Just today in our school, the grandparents came to visit. We had a nice crowd and we were glad that so many came to be with their family members. We enjoyed visiting with them. This was just one of many positive ideas that she has had to involve the community.

Last Saturday, a group of teachers came to the school to collaborate and bring new ideas up for our year. As I drove to the school, I thought this is what will bring our school to a new level. Just the idea of being heard and everyone working together will no doubt greatly benefit our school.

There were no awards, no dress codes, but just a come as you are discussion in her office. Positive ideas and leadership make for a positive school environment. I salute you Mrs. Brown, and we all look forward to great achievements that await our school.

Le me just say that I am a “seasoned teacher” of 31  years, and I have worked in several school districts in and out of the state. I am proud to write this positive note about our school, Como Elementary, and our new leader, Mrs. Brown.

Together we all can make a difference in the right direction.
Patty McAlexander
Como Elementary