William Correro column

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Too many idiots with money

At first, I thought Mike Vick was just a victim of idiot friends who were doing their “thugging” routine at one of Vick’s houses and fighting their Pitbulls with Mike having no idea what was going on.

But then as the truth comes out and he admits to being directly involved, one just has to shake their head sadly and see a fact confirmed: There are too many blithering idiots in this world with way too much money. This clown was set for life and simply blew it. Enough on that fool.

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I write this as I get ready to head out to Mississippi State for their Thursday night opener with LSU. (That’s got to be as good as self-abuse!)

I know that one and all of Labor Day’s openers will be history when you read this but we’ll discuss them next time. Just one of the problems having a work published a week after it’s written. I’ve tried a few times to “write ahead” but that was tough and it almost seemed like lying so I gave up on it. A cool thing is the Yankees and Red Sox play an afternoon game today so I can listen to it on my XM as I drive to State.

Speaking of unethical things, this NBA ref – I don’t remember his name and don’t care to – has caused a lot of problems for us that officiate. He’s another who had a dream day-job going and blew it.

In the SEC, we are reminded constantly how we are all “under the microscope” 24/7. About eight years ago, Commissioner Kramer told us all at our July meeting that for the previous calendar year they had received over nine hundred applications to officiate in the SEC.

He said to keep that thought in mind when he issues this order: we are to stay out of the casinos around the country. Period. The SEC does not want any indication that any of us could be associated with gambling of any sort. If we can’t follow that, there are plenty who could.

It is such an honor and privilege to be able to do what I do. I still have a hard time believing that it’s for real. Being paid to fly to Gainesville to work a Tennessee at Florida game in the Swamp on CBS or LSU at Mississippi State on national ESPN is really beyond belief most of the time. I’m sorry to carry on so about all this but it’s my mindset through the entire season. Heck, I’d pay them to do what I get to do now – just don’t tell them I said so.